Three years ago, when my partner Lionel and I first walked onto the rooftop carpark on the 6th floor of People’s Park Complex, it was a complete wasteland. It smelled of death/sex/drugs. It was ghetto – dirty and really filthy.

But that wasn’t what I was seeing. Instead I had a vision – given separately to Lionel and I – that that place would be a house of worship, a house of prayer. We saw, in that vision, the entire place filled with young people worshipping Jesus. Each person was represented by a lightbulb, and the entire place was filled with light.

And we heard this word: That the largest youth revival will be birthed from this land, and a huge worship festival will take place here.

So from that day we walked and we prayed. We held spontaneous worship and outreach sessions there. We saw miracles and salvations there, on that ghetto space – a place that would come to be known as Lepark, the restaurant we started there.

Two years on, I was asked to share my testimony on Selah.

You may not be able to tell from that post, but I was really down at this period. Lepark was in a bad state, and there were legal issues – thank God, those eventually fell through – facing the restaurant. I remember Lionel and I crying out to God one day, “If something’s supposed to be here, send forth your people and resources. We can’t do it without You. You know the condition of this land Lord – we can’t use it this way.”

The next day, two people, Dawn and Isaac from FOPx, read the testimony on Selah and could barely contain their excitement when they read of the rooftop space: The Lord had been speaking to them about having a worship festival on a rooftop.

They reached out. They came. They shared their vision of using the outdoor area for worship.

The four of us went into the small room at the back of the restaurant and prayed; none of us left that meeting with a dry eye.

Then came Kingdom Invasion. And this is what I heard during worship: “Carmen, there is a generation of youths across the nations that is ready to arise. But you’re not going to lead. They are going to lead you. You just follow. Don’t even try to tell them what to do.”

The next session was Lou Engle‘s session on youth revival. As soon as I walked in, my heart raced, and my entire body was on fire, and at the altar call, I spent most of the time on the floor, where I sobbed uncontrollably.

Suddenly someone shook me really hard and asked me to look at her; I composed myself and sat up. And this is what she told me.

Carmen, consecrate yourself. There’s going to be a generation of youths filled with fire and love for the Lord. It is this group of youth leaders who will bring forth the biggest revival in this land.”

The month after that, we got a clear word to start a grassroots, youth-led movement at Lepark. No agenda, no structure, no church, no labels. Nothing – just His presence.

Faithfully, we’ve started to gather every Tuesday night at Lepark, to worship the Lord and intercede for the nation and this generation. Since then I’ve seen young people on fire for Jesus at the worship sessions. Most haven’t been officially trained to lead worship, and neither have they been “groomed” to be church leaders.

They are everyday lovers of Jesus; sons and daughters of the Most High God who love their Lord.

There have been so many stories and testimonies happening every week as we gather. We’ve seen strangers randomly walking into our meetings, then accepting Jesus into their heart. We’ve seen courage in the youth who step up to preach.

If this excites you, come join us every Tuesday from 8pm.

At the start of May, we hosted a group of fathers in Lepark. The youth led the worship session at our small room at the rooftop. So much happened in that 30 minutes. The youths honoured the parents, and the parents prayed and blessed the generation that followed theirs.

We see God is moving.

We’re looking forward to a huge 72-hour worship festival. Maybe this year, maybe in 2018.

We’re looking forward to revival breaking out in schools, tertiary institutions, workplaces, public spaces.

We’re looking forward to young and old – all returning to Jesus.