Surveys & Reports

Surveys & Reports

Gathering as One Church at Day of His Power 2022, the first in-person event since COVID-19

For the first time since the pandemic began, thousands of believers gathered in-person for worship and intercession at this year’s Day of His Power (DOHP). In the past two years, the cap on...

Church Life

How’s your cell group doing?

With churches reopening and new opportunities to meet in person in larger groups, it’s a good time to take a step back and examine how our cell groups have been growing (or not growing) over the...


State of the Family 2022: What do our young people think about marriage and having kids?

At first glance, some of the statistics relating to marriage, divorce and childbearing that were presented at Focus on the Family Singapore’s 8th State of the Family seemed to make for grim...


What were the best stories in 2021? Here’s 1 list to rule them all

The stories at go by so fast — there’s an article or video every single day — that it’s often hard to take it all in.  Which is why I’m glad we’re at the end of...

Surveys & Reports

2021’s Verse of the Year and the fastest-growing search term… sorcery?!

The world’s most popular Bible app, YouVersion, has just released its Verse of the Year for 2021. This year, the verse that users most engaged with in terms of shares, bookmarks and highlights on...


One For Jesus: Can you bring 1 person to Christ if you have 10 years to do that?

1/10. Do you think you can bring 1 person to Christ if given 10 years to do so?  That was the question that tugged at the heart of Jason Wong, the founder of Yellow Ribbon Project and Dads for Life,...

Surveys & Reports

Where do you find meaning in life?

American think tank Pew Research Center released some fascinating findings last week (November 18) that looked at where people around the world find meaning in life. Having surveyed nearly 19,000...

Surveys & Reports

5 things the census tells us about young people and religion

Back when we could still meet in large numbers, seeing new faces at our weekend services was common, so our churches must be growing right? Based on Singapore’s latest population census...

Surveys & Reports

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