It was seven regional centres but one Church in a special time of worship, adoration and prayer at Day of His Power (DOHP) 2023 last night.

DOHP is held yearly on the eve of National Day, where believers all across Singapore are invited to come together to pray and intercede for the nation. This year’s edition took place in seven locations, and marked the culmination and climax of the 40.Day prayer season.

Almost 7,000 believers across Singapore were in attendance, with all centres at or near their capacity for the night.

The crowd at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church, one of the two east regional centres this year.

7 locations, 1 Church

The evening kicked off with thanksgiving to God for who He is, and for Singapore. In the midst of global and national challenges, God has been faithful in preserving and keeping Singapore.

Pastor Jeff Chong, the Chairman of LoveSingapore and the Senior Pastor of Hope Singapore exhorted the Body of Christ to focus on three strategic points of prayer: Turning Singapore Godward, Winning the Youths and Blessing the Nations. These thrusts have been the main theme of this year’s 40.Day Prayer season.

The final video in the 40.Day series features Pastor Jeff’s closing message.

He challenged the Church in Singapore to rise up and be part of God’s work in Singapore and the nations.

“Do you think this is a God thing or a human thing?” Pastor Jeff asked in a video that was screened at all 7 locations.

“If it is just a human thing, we should just listen and then move on with our lives. But if it is a God thing, as I believe it is, I am asking us to pray together. I am asking us to invest our time, talent and treasure to pursue what is on God’s heart.”

Pastor Jeff addressing the attendees at Hope Singapore’s regional centre in the west.

This year’s decentralised DOHP saw pastors from various churches coming together to lead segments at seven regional locations.

The unity of the body of Christ was evident last night. Almost 60 pastors from various churches joined the seven centres to encourage and exhort the body, and lead prayers in each segment. At Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church (BBTC), for example, worship was led by a team combined from four churches.

At Faith Community Baptist Church, Senior Pastor Daniel Khong emphasised the importance of the Church taking responsibility for the spiritual well-being of Singapore.
Believers across all age groups coming together to pray and worship at the central east regional centre at Faith Community Baptist Church.
Attendees worshipping at the central east region location at Faith Community Baptist Church.
At Church of Our Saviour, Pastor Christopher Ho invited youths onstage to be prayed for.
Senior Pastor Daniel Wee of Church of Our Saviour closing off the night at the central west regional centre.

Believers praying for one another at the west region location at Hope Singapore.
The team at the west regional centre at Hope Singapore leading everyone in a time of worship.

Believers praying together at the north east regional centre at Living Sanctuary Brethren Church.

The night wore on for some of the centres even after closing. At Church of Our Saviour, youths stayed on to pray after the service. The worship team at Faith Community Baptist Church continued worshipping as some believers lingered to worship even after the service closed.

Such a time as this

The eve of National Day is a symbolic time to pray for Singapore, as the country stands on the threshold of its 58th year and prepares for a transition to new leadership.

“Before we implore God to turn Singapore to Him, we must first turn ourselves to Him,” said Reverend Lam Kuo Yong, Senior Minister at Katong Presbyterian Church. He led a prayer segment at BBTC.

Interspersed with prayer segments were songs of praise and worship led by live worship bands at each of the seven locations.

And in usual DOHP tradition, the evening ended with the Singapore national anthem ringing through the seven churches in a gesture of solidarity.

At Living Sanctuary Brethren Church, attendees recited the National Pledge together.
Attendees at all locations closed off the night by singing the National Anthem together.

DOHP is just the beginning.

“The Church of Jesus Christ has been called for such as this,” Pastor Jeff told Salt&Light.

“Just as God filled as many empty vessels as the widow brought to Him (2 Kings 4:3-6), He will fill up the Church as we bring ourselves to Him as empty vessels, and pour out through us His Gospel, His love, His life to the unsaved in our lives.”

DOHP is the culmination of the 40.Day Prayer season organised by LoveSingapore, a unity movement of diverse churches in Singapore.

The Mandarin edition of DOHP took place on August 6 at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Additional reporting by Salt&Light.