Surveys & Reports

Surveys & Reports

5 things the census tells us about young people and religion

Back when we could still meet in large numbers, seeing new faces at our weekend services was common, so our churches must be growing right? Based on Singapore’s latest population census...

Surveys & Reports

Survey: What do you want to see on

Tell us what content most appeals to you! You can also click here to access the survey in a separate window. Thank

Surveys & Reports

I want to help someone in need, but don’t know where to start

With the pandemic casting the spotlight on needs within and outside the church, Christian youths and young adults were asked to rank the issues they were most concerned about.  A total of 170 people...


Young people, this is what’s keeping your pastors awake

On the final day of the LoveSingapore Pastors’ Summit 2021, three seasoned church leaders in Singapore were asked to reimagine church in the new normal. Titled Honest Conversations, the panel...

Surveys & Reports

To go or not: What would it take to see more young missionaries go out to the nations?

In our coverage of last year’s National Missions Study (NMS), we asked: Where are all the young missionaries? This year, a new missions study by Singapore Centre for Global Missions (SCGM)...

Surveys & Reports

2020’s Verse of the Year: Comfort for those who are discouraged

With the many unforeseen events in 2020 that have led it to be notoriously dubbed (and memed) as the worst year ever, this year’s Verse of the Year couldn’t be more apt. Released...

Surveys & Reports

Millennials in the US are rejecting the faith. Are we seeing this happening here?

Last week, there was a study released in the US that looked at the Millennial generation and their worldviews.  Here are a few points that stood out, according to an annual survey conducted in...

Church Life

Coming home to church after 6 months, it really blew me away

Last week, I went back to church for the first time in nearly half a year with my wife, Cheryl. We did it because we’ve been wanting to build up a bit of discipline in our lives and thought...

Surveys & Reports

Are younger or older Christians more likely to return to physical church?

After more than three months of church services not being held physically, how do Christians feel about the online church experience? Have they stayed connected to the same communities they were part...