Lou Engle, speaking at the 5th edition of the annual Kingdom Invasion conference on Tuesday (14 March) night, urged all businessmen and women in the marketplace “to fast and pray like Daniel” in order to release the revelation of Daniel into Singapore.

He prophesied that Singapore will become the Antioch of the East to transform the culture of economies in the region.

Businessmen in Singapore were riled up to model after Daniel, who accurately perceived the shifting of earthly regime as a kairos moment to fast and pray.

“In fasting, you set the landing strip for divine revelation!” Lou declared.

The call to unity amongst businessmen to stand between the heavenly and earthly realms was a declaration of God’s ascendency against the principalities hindering the fulfilment of Singapore’s calling to be a center that transforms the culture of economics of other nations.

“I prophesy there is a coming summit of businessmen in this nation, and because of this word, that they will not compete with one another, they will be like Antioch, where they come together and they fast and minister to the Lord and in the midst of it God will begin to lose divine intervention to reform the economies of nations.”

Besides the businesspeople, Lou also touched on the fact that Singapore has much to thank for leaders and authorities who has kept the nation on course.

The word of the night came from Daniel 2, when a new king had been risen up in Persia – King Cyrus was prophesied by Isaiah that he will release the Jewish people out of Babylon to go back to build the temple of the Lord.

“God changes times by raising up kings, and taking them down. You’re got to understand the times and seasons through the rising up of kings and taking them down.”

He went on to explain how newly-elected U.S. President Donald Trump, while controversial, has issued decrees to benefit the body of Christ.

“America is in a profound moment right now,” Lou declared, “Times and seasons change in Daniel and in those times he seized the moment and he fasts and prays.”

He shared that the 2016 U.S. election shook the nation and the world, and as a result the church of Jesus rose up.

“The election has been a disruption for those who want to build a Christ-less world, but God has disrupted their party. We can’t just celebrate the disruption, we need to continue to pray. Trump has shaken the nation – he is an interruption to the ever-growing anti-Christ philosophy in the U.S., whether you like him or not.”

He also noted how the recent worldwide call for witches to unite in cursing Trump was an interesting notion, that “however controversial he has been, the forces of darkness are against him now. Darkness is only against forces of light.”

“Singapore cannot just think that ‘we’re gonna live in peace’ because crisis moments are coming. In times of crisis, vacuums take place. Key men and women will rise up to throw themselves into that vacuum to determine which way the hinge of history will turn.”

He was speaking with regards to a dream he had about Singapore regarding the books of Daniel and Esther.

“I had this dream that two books were needed in Singapore – books that had been lost or simply misplaced. One of these books is the book of Daniel, and the other is Esther,” he shared. He went on to elaborate that God had impressed upon him that Singapore would become an apostolic sending place, to release the transformation of economies and cultures across the globe with prophetic clarity. Specifically, the call was to rise up Daniels and Esthers to reshape the economic and abortion landscape in Singapore.

Kingdom Invasion 2017 will run until Friday at Singapore Expo Hall 1. Night sessions starting from 6pm are free, subjected to availability of seats. For more details, visit www.kingdominvasion.sg.