A place for youths, by youths, to be reignited for Christ.

That was the vision that Pastor Amos Pang (Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church, BBTC) shared with eight youths from Poly Revival, Praying Schools, Cru Singapore and elsewhere in the Kingdom in the second half of 2022.

Resonating with the call, these youths took on the challenge – that was how Thir.st Youth Nights was born.

What is Thir.st Youth Nights?

A space for Gen Z (and Gen Z at heart), Thir.st Youth Nights is a collaborative monthly event series run by a group of Jesus-loving Gen Z youths and Thir.st.

Here, we hope to inspire other Gen Zs to grow intimately with God as well as connect with other like-minded believers. That way, we can be further discipled and equipped for evangelism together!

Through worship, discussions and fun activities, we hope to create an open environment for young people to experience the transformative power of Jesus’ love and truth.

Whether you’re just starting your journey of faith, or looking for more ways to deepen your walk with Jesus, join us!

Meet the Youth Nights Team!

Jaryl Timothy Wee (19) serves full-time with Praying Schools, journeying with prayer group leaders. His heart is to see his generation come alive and embrace the Father’s love for them, as well as to disciple the next generation of sons and daughters for God’s glory. Fun fact: He can manually crack his wrists continuously without stopping.

Melvin Zachary Sim (19) is the current head of Praying Schools and has been serving in his church’s worship ministry for more than five years. He journeys and walks with prayer group leaders, aiming to push the boundary of what a prayer group can really look like. His heart is to see youths love Christ for who He truly is and for the lost to encounter Him. Melvin also finds High School Musical overrated — feel free to disagree.

Emmanuel Wong (20) has always encountered God powerfully throughout his faith journey. He desires to see every young person renewed and redeemed to be like Jesus, and believes that joy comes when we choose to walk in God’s call. Emmanuel loves all things strawberry and believes that “the camera eats first”.

Vera Lim (20) is big on listening to God’s heart. Regularly adventuring to wherever God has called her to, she is often found in the most unexpected places, meeting and loving people that many may struggle to understand. Previously serving in Praying Schools and her JC prayer group, she hopes that youths will catch God’s heartbeat for the people around them and grow in humility to reach out. Vera loves honest heart-to-heart conversations, hot tea and all things warm and cosy. Too often, she gets sabo-ed by her friends to do extra acting or writing (she does it willingly, of course).

Anne Deborah Ng (19) enjoys journeying with youths and leading a prayer group on campus. She seeks to guide leaders to mature into their five-fold ministry and raise disciples who become disciple-makers themselves. She yearns to see a generation marked by a deep desire to go back to biblical truth and to live a life that is guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit. In her friend groups, Anne is usually considered the creative one. She wants to be so full of Christ that when a mosquito bites her, it flies away singing “There’s Power in the Blood”.

Having met Jesus at the age of 4, Regina Hum (20) is no stranger to the presence of God. A creative person who enjoys free-styling in the car and dancing unprofessionally in her living room, she believes in fully expressing one’s love for Jesus. Serving in Praying Schools through worship and journeying with prayer group leaders, she hopes to inspire her generation to desire the things on the Lord’s heart. Beyond that, she connects with others through music collaborations and enjoys a good acai bowl with almond butter.

Tiffany Goh (19) believes in encouraging youths through her words and modelling for them what it means to pursue Christ above all else. A cell leader in BBTC, Tiffany is also the President of SP Cru and desires for her generation to realise that revival begins with them. A fun fact about her is that she can fall asleep almost anywhere and in any situation! 

Having led a prayer group in Ngee Ann Polytechnic called The Ark and serving in the core team for Praying Schools, Clara Chan (19) is currently journeying alongside other budding prayer group leaders. She desires to live a life that points her generation back to Christ and yearns to see youths coming to realise that cultivating an intimate relationship with God is far more essential than anything else. One fun fact about Clara is that, unlike Melvin, she loves watching High School Musical!

And meet some of the older peeps helping to guide us!

Pastor Amos Pang (31) works full-time at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church. He has been journeying with young people for half of his life! He likes to see himself as the “goalkeeper” of YNT, being the last line of defence, and not letting things get by him that need catching (with him around, we feel safe to dream big dreams, because we know he is there to guide us on the right path!).

Gabriel Ong (30) has been working with words at Thir.st for nearly six years and has loved the journey thus far. In that time, he has grown a heart for younger people and believes in investing in them.

Nicole Chan (29) is a comedy writer designer who likes to listen to funny song remixes of weird videos on YouTube and currently has a slight obsession with Chinese tea, hence her nickname Nick Wu-Long (no one calls her this). She is excited to see how God partners with youths and people with willing hearts to shift this world supernaturally.

Join us tonight on 16 February (we’ll be meeting monthly!)

How can we be proactive in sharing Jesus in our schools? Look no further than our latest event!

This week, we’ll be meeting some school Prayer Group Leaders to hear about their hearts behind their schools’ prayer groups. They are from various schools and institutions across the country, and they want to answer YOUR questions!

As we listen to their accounts of God’s transformative move in their schools through prayer, let us come expectant and believe that the Lord can do the same for us! 

Don’t miss this! Let us come together and hunger for more of God and His power in our schools.