The excitement in the chapel of Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church (BBTC) was palpable.

With students bustling in the room in a flurry of different uniforms and school shirts, it was plain to see that many, though tired from a full day of school, were present and excited to meet with the Lord.

Their level of enthusiasm was matched by those young at heart: parents, educators and church leaders sat eagerly at the back, also expectant of an encounter with the Lord.

Then the “Gen Z” team – a group of youths from Poly Revival, Praying Schools and churches all over Singapore – led the congregation into worship.

In one sound of praise, we believe the Lord began to set many hearts aflame, readying His people to perceive His heart for their schools.

Many other things happened that night, and here are some of our reflections from it.

One person’s obedience can change a school

From the sharing, we learnt that there is a transformative power that a single “yes” holds. 

Stepping out in obedience is risky, and we all have comfort zones even if we do not want to admit it.

But obedience is not birthed out of convenience. So what do we do when God calls us out of our comfort zones?

Together, we wrestled with coming out of comfort and choosing transformation as many students made a commitment to the Lord to choose the cross.

Having seen many students bowing down in humility towards Christ and pleading to see their schools redeemed for the glory of God, we believe that the Lord is raising up catalysts who are willing to listen to His call and respond in faithfulness.

Yet not my will, but yours be done. May the words of Jesus be the heart’s cry of all these students across the campuses.

No student walks alone

In spending time with fellow students, we’ve encountered peers who shared painful experiences of their parents or teachers unjustly punishing them for something they did or did not do.

How can we show these peers that parents, educators and school leaders are not here to hurt – but help? That was the question on our minds.

So when the Gen Z team invited the adults to pray for each of the students, we trusted that many were coming to understand God’s heart for the generations in their schools.

It was no longer just them, “next-gen” students, functioning in silos. Instead, it’s about walking alongside our elders in our teachers, parents and school leaders.

“He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction” (Malachi 4:6)

That prayer session was a moving time.

We believe that God is going to continue this redemptive and healing work in the education space, and will heal the cracks between the generations.

Indeed, no student ever walks alone. They walk with the prayers and support of the surrounding generations.

As such, our desire is for oneness among the generations.

We want to turn hearts to each other: Student to parent; student to teacher; student to school leader; adult to student.

We want to see restoration as we fulfil what Jesus desires for Singapore.

Many left our Schools Dedication Service with a heart of anticipation. We are excited to see the move of God on the campuses.

May the Lord raise up a wave of leaders that will stop at nothing to see their classmates encounter Christ.

May the campuses be filled with revival, producing students hungry to fulfil God’s will! Youth Nights! What is it?

A space for all Gen Z and Gen Z at heart, Youth Night is a collaborative monthly event series run by a group of Jesus-loving Gen Z youths and We hope to inspire other Gen Zs to be on fire for Christ, for evangelism and for discipleship.

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