This is the story of how a time of spontaneous worship turned into the cry of a rising generation.

Music was always a passion of mine and I found myself leading worship in many of the circles that I was in, including Poly Revival which I led until recently.

A few months back, the Lord put it on my heart to release a song to bless the Body of Christ.

I want to inspire the next generation of believers by tracking the story of this song from its conception all the way to its production, that they may be provoked to seek revival and unity in Singapore!

The song started over Zoom in 2020, when a few friends and I were just worshipping the Lord during the circuit breaker.

As we were praying for revival, I started to worship spontaneously.

Right then, the Lord started to put the melody of the chorus in my heart.

A year later at the Impossible Conference in 2021, Pastor Francis Chan preached a sermon on Christian unity.

John 17:21 grabbed my heart as I meditated on how God desired us to be one.

Then as the FOPx band was dwelling in a time of worship, a melody with words began to cry out from my heart.

Make us one. Make us one. In new wineskin, let Your will be done. These words ended up becoming the bridge to the song.

During Reaping The Harvest, I led the chorus of that song in a spontaneous moment.

After, my mentor approached me to tell me that he really felt that this was the cry of my generation.

I initially didn’t believe that God would use this song in such a way.

But I started to lead the song more and found many Gen Z believers resonating with the lyrics, telling me that this song encapsulated their cry to God for unity and healing over Singapore.

I wanted to especially mention Alarice and Calvin from Awaken Generation who offered to sow into this song by sponsoring the cost of its recording and production.

They also linked me up with Daniel and Ms Lou who were so gracious to help me with the dynamics of the song and the arrangement.

This song would not have been possible without all their contributions.

I chose to release the song on 1 January 2023 because in this new year, it is time to raise a new anthem of revival over our land.

My hope is that my generation (and generations to come) would adopt the cry of this song – for God to heal our land and make us perfectly one!

If you resonate with this call, then come and join us on January 19 at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church as we join hearts in oneness to dedicate our schools to the Lord.

Let’s cry out for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit!