“Come, Holy Spirit.”

This was the one line that came up repeatedly last night.

As someone who has never attended an outdoor worship event, I found that there was a distinct ambience as thousands came together to praise God in the open.

Raising our voices in unison, I hoped that our fire of praise would reach outside the gates of St Andrew’s Cathedral, that our worship would sow a seed in the hearts of passersby.

For the evening was not about hype. It was about the children of God crying out for the move of the Holy Spirit. 

The spontaneous worship, the incense of prayer, the overwhelming expectation of God’s presence… it was evident that there was a spiritual aroma rising before the throne of God.

One by one as pastors and spiritual leaders took to the stage to pray, each released a word for this generation that God had been stirring in their hearts. 

Here, we recap a few of them.

A generation that turns to God

Image source: All speaker close-ups from Impossible413’s livestream

This was a prayer that recognised the spiritual battle for our hearts and minds, a plea to be rescued from the darkness of suicidal thoughts, broken homes and the enemy’s ploys.

“Lord, may our generation turn away from the worthless idols of this world,” exhorted Pastor Gary Chia of Eternal Life Assembly.

“We turn to you because You hold the words of life, You hold the truth.”

“We will turn to the One who holds our future. We will not listen to the deceiver, but we will listen to the One who is the Alpha and the Omega…

“Raise up a generation that will be fearless in your kingdom.” 

Ending off with Habakkuk 3:2, we declared together that God would repeat His awesome deeds in our day and make them known!

A generation that moves the heart of the Father

How does God see our generation?

In our private moments with the Lord when we gave our humble “yes”, when no one was seeing and we gave our weak “yes”, did we realise that these small steps of obedience touched God’s heart?

“Tonight, the delight of the Father is over this place… 

“Young people, choose to say ‘yes’ to walk on the straight and narrow, choose to say ‘yes’ to resist temptation, choose to say ‘yes’ to learn to forgive,” urged Pastor Jeanette Low of RiverLife Church.

“Every single small ‘yes’ you give to the Lord is going to cause you to grow in so much character, strength and resilience.

“And you guys are going to be able to move into the greater purposes that God has for your generation.”

God is looking for all the yes-es. Are we willing to say “yes”?

A generation that is willing to be cleansed

This prayer segment was centred on cleaning up our lives, so that when God calls us to come and serve, we would be ready to say: “Send me, Lord.”

“Father, we just thank you that you have handpicked us to be your very special vessels, unworthy as we are,” said Sister Esther.

“But Lord, I also hear a very loud, gentle voice that speaks to each one of us here who are willing to hear.

“‘Clean up, because you are going to be a vessel for the Master’s use.'”

From youthful passions, to rebellion and running away from God, we asked for God’s forgiveness and for Him to cleanse us.

A generation that lights up the darkness

As fireworks from the National Day Parade rehearsal exploded in the background, it felt symbolic of what was being prayed over us. 

“You’re going to be like lights in the darkened sky, like stars shining, so that others will begin to see your light and be drawn to that light,” prayed Sister Esther.

“One day you’re going to see the fireworks like we have because you are obedient to the Lord.”

A generation that stands in the gap

The stage was also opened up for youths to lead the crowd in prayer.

Hearing their passions and burdens definitely pulled at my heartstrings.

It was encouraging to see these young ones step up to intercede for our generation.

A generation that seeks His face

Sharing from Psalm 24, Pr Ang Hern Shung of Trinity Methodist Church reminded us to seek God’s face even before we think about going out there to do something for Him.

“If we are to be known for one thing, let us be a generation who sought the face of the Lord, who stood in the presence of the Lord,” he said.

“And it is in that holy place that we receive power from Him.” 

Singing “Give Us Clean Hands”, I confessed and repented of the evils and idols in my life, and humbly prayed for Him to remove them.

A generation that burns with fire

Coming on stage to pray over the crowd to be filled with the Holy Spirit, Ps Yang Tuck Yoong, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, shared about his own “burning” encounter with God and how his life was changed more than 40 years ago.

Describing how God is a consuming fire and the Holy Spirit is a spirit of fire, he boomed: “The God we serve is a God of fire and a God on fire!”

“You never need to advertise a fire… there’s something about a fire,” said Pastor Yang.

“My friends, you’ve got to catch the fire.”

Inviting the Holy Spirit to come, Pastor Yang prayed for the fire of God to fall. 

“Do it again, Lord,” he urged.

“What You did in the revival — do it again in Singapore. Let these young people know what your power is like.” 

Wrapping up the night, Pastor Andrew Yeo of Cornerstone Community Church reminded us of what took place right here 50 years ago.

After revival meetings at St Andrew’s Cathedral, young people returned back to their homes, schools, churches and army camps filled with the Holy Spirit.

This sparked waves of revival in Singapore, or what is known as the Charismatic Renewal, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Praying a blessing over us, Ps Andrew declared that God is going to bring revival to our nation through us.

“My prayer for tonight is that God would send His fire again in our nation. That God would send His Holy Spirit again,” he said.

As I left St Andrew’s Cathedral, I believed God was likewise sending us back to our homes, schools, army camps and churches to burn for Him.

Come Holy Spirit, fall on us now.

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