“In 1969, the Prime Minister of Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew) began to allow the legalisation of abortion and that decision was further sealed deeply by Roe v. Wade in 1973. But I prophesy that God is going to rise… He is going to raise up voices, intercessors, movements of adoptions and single mother homes.”
Lou Engle was speaking at the 5th edition of the annual Kingdom Invasion conference on Tuesday (14 March) night.

“Civilised nations do not kill our own children.” Addressing directly to women who have been through abortion themselves, Lou said, “Let your greatest pain be your greatest prophecy and bring forth justice in the nation.”

Later that night, the message was deeply on focused on the call for a generation of Esthers to rise up in Singapore.

He called for a movement of Esthers to reverse the decree of abortion in Singapore and the region.

“Esthers bring the keys to change history and to lead the nation into a mighty breakthrough.” He recalled how the women’s march took place earlier in the year in Washington D.C. and referred that as a sign of how Satan has overplayed his hand.

“When Satan has overplayed his hand, we know that Esthers will rise up soon and very soon.”


Standing forefront as the Esther of all Esthers was Jennifer Heng. With a trembling voice, she shared God had ignited in her a passion to stand up for abortion issues and how He had prepared her since then for a time such as this. Too much has been left unsaid and it is time for us to overturn that death decree, she proclaimed.

“There is a call to end abortion in Singapore that will have a profound effect on the foundations of our nation and other Asian countries. It is time to overturn the decree.”

The night ended with throngs of females coming to the altar to respond to the call of starting a pro-life movement in Singapore while males were seen to pray over them as a form of honour and respect.


Lou Engle was speaking with regards to a dream he had about Singapore regarding the books of Daniel and Esther.

“I had this dream that two books were needed in Singapore – books that had been lost or simply misplaced. One of these books is the book of Daniel, and the other is Esther,” he shared. He went on to elaborate that God had impressed upon him that Singapore would become an apostolic sending place, to release the transformation of economies and cultures across the globe with prophetic clarity. Specifically, the call was to rise up Daniels and Esthers to reshape the economic and abortion landscape in Singapore.

Kingdom Invasion 2017 will run until Friday at Singapore Expo Hall 1. Night sessions starting from 6pm are free, subjected to availability of seats. For more details, visit www.kingdominvasion.sg.