How can I watch World Cup 2022? That’s the question on most football fans’ minds in this part of the year, and this article will answer it.

We’ll show you where and how you can watch all the World Cup games in Singapore! 

In total, there are 64 great chances to build a connection that will allow for future gospel opportunities and maybe even deeper conversations on the day!

How to watch the World Cup games for free

All the football games can be watched for free at these following locations, broadcasted live from Qatar. I’m listing them in order of how much bang you’re getting for no bucks at all. 

  • SAFRA Clubhouses
  • HomeTeamNS Clubhouses
  • 58 Community Centres
  • 5 ActiveSG Sports Centres
  • Singapore Sports Hub
  • Changi Airport, ST3PS at Terminal 3
  • National Library Building (Plaza)

SAFRA and HomeTeamNS Clubhouses are top in this list since they are showing all the games. From November 21 to December 18, catch all the World Cup games live and for free at the following SAFRA locations: SAFRA Jurong, Mount Faber, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun.

HomeTeamNS is likewise offering 64 games at these four locations: Balestier, Bukit Batok, Chinatown and Khatib. More details to follow.

McDonald’s will also be screening games at 19 outlets

More than half of Singapore’s Community Centres (CC) will also be screening soccer games for free. Click here for the full list of CCs near you as well as the games to be screened (most matches but not all!).

ActiveSG Sports Centres will show games at: Toa Payoh Sport Centre, Pasir Ris Sport Centre, Woodlands Sport Centre, Hougang Sport Centre, Jurong West Sport Centre. These are limited to some group matches, the semi-finals and the final. The Singapore Sports Hub will also show selected games during December.

Changi Airport’s ST3PS at Terminal 3 (Basement 2) will also be showing games from November 21 to 24.

The National Library Building will be showing games on December 17 and 18. That’s the third place play-off and the final.

This is an evolving list. If you know of other locations to watch the World Cup for free, be a friend and share it with us in the comments. We’ll then add it into the list for everyone’s benefit!

How to watch the World Cup at home

  1. meWATCH
  2. StarHub
  3. Singtel
  4. Catch selected matches on Channel 5 (for free!)
  5. Find (or become) a friend who has taken up any one of these options

Options 1 to 3 offer essentially the identical package: meWATCH, Starhub or Singtel will grant you access to all 64 World Cup games at $118. It’s very much the bougie option, especially since the early bird promotion for these deals are over. 

Option 4 is more than decent for casual World Cup fans since you get to watch some of the most high-profile games, including the semi-finals and the final. Most importantly, it’s free.

A comment on Option 5: If you’re not going to be found yelling like a madman with hundreds of fellow fans at the CC, then look to hang out with a friend in the comfort of the home as a guest or host.

Get ready to prepare snacks and drinks to be shared over the game since whatever option you choose, there’s an opportunity to bless or befriend…

Building bridges in the lead-up to Christmas

The World Cup is always a time for shared passion, joy and community.

While ethical concerns such as corruption, human rights and the poor timing of the winter tournament has cast a shadow over some of that, the chance to deepen friendships and familial ties nevertheless remains.

Plus there has never been a World Cup leading up to Christmas. For better or for worse, it’s a unique opportunity.

So in the Christmas spirit of generosity and fellowship, why not open up your home for a World Cup night or two with friends new and old?

The Group Stage games (November to December 3) have matches that are played out at 6pm and 9pm, a timing which would be perfect for a pre-game meal together. 

Free games wise, there are nine such opportunities available to you as long as you can have access to Channel 5 on TV.

In total, there are 64 great chances to build a connection that will allow for future gospel opportunities and maybe even deeper conversations on the day!

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  1. Who are you supporting this World Cup?
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  3. Who is someone new you can invite, bless and befriend over a game?
  4. Make some plans!