If you’ve been following the news, you may have seen the video or heard the story of the ban mian seller who turned her life around.

When Madam Leong’s husband abandoned her and her young daughter, she was left struggling financially and even contemplated suicide.

Desperately begging her not to jump, Madam Leong’s daughter was able to encourage her mother back onto a better path, which saw her opening a ban mian stall in 2015.

Her story has since gone viral, and long queues have formed at her stall as it touched a lot of Singaporeans.

But there’s actually even more to Madam Leong’s life-changing experience, captured by Hope Church Singapore in an interview with her for Mother’s Day this year.

In it, Madam Leong reveals that a few days after contemplating suicide, she met an old lady who heard her struggles and shared the Gospel with her.

Feeling utter hopelessness that night, she prayed for the first time to Jesus for a good night’s rest. She woke up in the morning bathed in a bright light that inexplicably made her joyful … Hopeful.

Already encouraged by the encounter, her daughter spurred her on to open a ban mian stall. Knowing full well that such an endeavour would be arduous, Madam Leong prayed about it.

And faithfully, God began to open doors for her: The coffeeshop boss approached Madam Leong to offer her a stall for just $50 a day.

Her cell group pooled money together to love and support her in tangible ways. Then articles written about her story went viral.
All these little miracles have pointed her to the providence and reality of God.

“God loves me so much,” Madam Leong shares in the video, “I told Him I will not give up.

“I will carry on because God is real.”

If you’d like to support Madam Leong, you can visit her at her stall at Blk 31 Holland Close, #01-241.
Mon-Fri: 10am-3.30pm
Mon-Fri: 5.30pm-8pm
Sat: 10am-8pm
Closed on Sundays 🙂