Would you be willing to lay down your life for this generation?

It was a call from Heaven that shook up Ivan Tan’s world, right in the middle of his fast track to success as a financial controller of a multinational corporation. At the heart of this divine disruption: To start campus prayer groups in each of Singapore’s universities.

36 years old and leaving almost a decade’s worth of work behind, Ivan took up the challenge with faith and got down to the Father’s business. Five months in, there are now weekly prayer meetings instituted in SIT, SIM, NTU, NUS and SMU – a testament to a larger unity movement that has been sweeping across churches, organisations, institutions and Christians from every corner of Singapore.

Then came the next mission: To gather the campuses – universities, polytechnics, ITEs, secondary schools and junior colleges – for a night of combined prayer that would unite those with a heart for revival in their generation.

Again, Ivan obeyed and Campus Combined was conceived.

He didn’t know who would show up after sending out a simple message through his network but as night fell on 12 June 2017, people started streaming into Hinghwa Methodist Church in uniforms and officewear alike.

Divided into secondary schools, JCs/polytechnics and universities, with parents and other working adults scattered in various groups, over 100 students stood together in prayer for themselves, their schoolmates and campuses.

Among some of the things prayed for: that students would believe that God can use them as salt and light regardless of age; for restoration of parent-child relationships, and for those graduating to be a countercultural force amidst the life transition.

“God is raising a nameless and faceless generation that’s willing to pay the price for revival, even if it doesn’t come through them,” Matthew Yong, 30, shared during his prayer segment. He is involved with youth and young adult movements in various campuses.

“It’s non-denominational and intergenerational – we’re moving back to a time where it’s no longer about how we worship but Who we worship.”

Towards the end of the night, those under 35 were asked to step out of the pews to be prayed over by the older Christians in the room.

“We declare that young people will not be the problem but the solution,” John Ng, a chemistry teacher, said to a rousing applause. “We will be the ones on our knees. We will say here I am Lord, send me. Reserve me for Your purpose.”

And true enough, almost everyone was on their knees as we prayed in unison, both the young and old.

“When revival breaks out, let no man be able to lay claim of it. Let the glory be all Yours.”
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If you’re passionate about standing in the gap for the younger generation, there is a prayer session every 4th Saturday of the month happening at Kum Yan Methodist Church, from 6:30am-8:30am.