Through this recent KTV cluster, I feel that God is revealing to me that COVID-19 has been nothing short of a magnifying glass.

Rather than focusing on the magnifying glass (COVID-19), we ought to also focus on what He is magnifying — what He wants us to see, notice and shift our attention on.

What are these things He is magnifying? Nothing new under the sun since He has always been calling for us to look at the needs of the poor, the neglected, the needy, the weak and the lonely.

This emphasis has been all over the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament!

COVID-19 has caused us to take a better look at:

  • The elderly in our nation
  • The foreign workers in our nation
  • The unsung heroes in the medical field in our nation
  • The lower income families in our nation
  • The hawkers in our nation
  • The food delivery champions in our nation
  • The governance in our nation

And this recent KTV cluster, even in the midst of poor jokes and finger pointing (which I admit I did partake in initially), is crying out for us to shift our attention to what is going on in our nation: infidelity, promiscuity and most of all — the hostesses.

These hostesses are women who perhaps are in a line that they do not want to be in.

Women who perhaps are in a line that results in them being exploited. Women who are perhaps trying to make ends meet. Women who I believe ought to be valued, treasured, honored and respected.

Let’s not focus solely on the virus, but on the people in our nation. Let’s pray and be stirred into action, however small or big, to make a difference.

To love thy neighbour.

This article was first published on Titus Cheong’s Instagram page and is republished with permission.

  1. What else has God revealed to you through the magnifying glass of COVID-19?
  2. Look at your passions, talents and gifts. How can you make a difference in these needs that have been identified?
  3. This week, do something practical and good for your neighbour.