We’ve often heard that Christmas is a time of giving. 

And yet it’s still so easy to forget to give to those who are in need. That’s why this Christmas, Josephine Lam and her family have decided to pack care gifts for a shelter* housing abused domestic workers.

This isn’t the first time Josephine has reached out to the shelter. She is involved with them through her church‘s ministry and teaches crafts to connect with the people there. 

She explained how she first started doing so: “Over the years, I have heard about their stories, and I was often saddened by the stories these abused domestic workers had to go through – the injustice, the violence, the pain and the hurt.”

And so, during this season of giving, Josephine wants to share God’s love with them in a tangible way through the care packs.

Inside each care pack? Origami earrings and a beautiful Christmas tag. The tags can be hung on Christmas trees or wherever you want, really.

But each tag has a verse on it, Matthew 1:23, which helps Josephine spread the message of Christmas: “Immanuel, God with us.”

Each Christmas care pack contains handmade earrings and decorative tags. Photos of courtesy of Josephine.

Craft and beauty had always been Josephine’s passion; her dream job was to become a stylist who helped celebrities dress up. So she worked in the fashion industry as a merchandiser and buyer. 

That was before she entered into full-time ministry. Now, she’s teaching at East Asia School of Theology (EAST), and is a lecturer in the Partners-in-Ministry programme equipping seminary wives to serve alongside their husbands. 

But her passion for beauty was also something she struggled with before. “Is it wrong to love beauty? I battled with this question for a long time,” she would ask. 

As Josephine studied the Bible, she realised that God loves beauty. After all, He is the Creator God who has made so many beautiful things.

God is a very beautiful God to have created a world so beautiful,” she shared during the Not Gonna Lie conference held in September. “He is so creative, and He cares about all the little details in life.”

But with no clue of how to marry beauty with God’s kingdom work, she turned to Him and asked, “God, show me how to do it.”

Slowly, God opened many doors for her to use her talents for His glory.

Josephine began going to shelters and church outreaches to start sharing the gospel. Those were channels through which she could train others in crafts to spread the good news.

She ran workshops in quite a number of places like missions agencies, other seminaries and churches.

Is it wrong to love beauty? I battled with this question for a long time.

Josephine would then teach life lessons from crafting earrings out of broken eggshells: “The point is that God can use our brokenness for His glory.”

Another question she also enjoys asking during her workshops is: “What’s your hobby?”

The reason behind the question? She wants attendees to realise that all people have gifts and interests that God has specifically given to each one of us, and none of them will be wasted if we are willing to let Him use them.

Josephine serves at a shelter for domestic workers who have faced abuse. Photos of courtesy of Josephine.

God opened another door for her to share the gospel through makeup.

She has held makeover sessions, teaching her students at EAST from a five-minute makeup routine. Imagine that – sharing the gospel through one’s face!

Josephine explained that the eyeliner was like Jesus opening up her eyes again when she put her trust in Him, to see and experience things like never before.

As for the blusher: it’s not about how much she owns in this life, but knowing that God is with her in all circumstances that gives her joy. In good or bad times, she has a joy that comes from Jesus, one that surpasses all circumstances and problems in life.

Lastly, lipstick: lips to tell everyone about all the good things that God has done in her life and the new life she has in Jesus! Being a child of God is her true identity and worth.

With some imagination, little gifts can go a long way. Photos of courtesy of Josephine.

“I hope that people will open their eyes to see that they can use their gifts to share the good news with others,” Josephine encouraged.

After all, as disciples of Christ, each one of us is called to fulfil the Great Commission. To that end, making crafts is but one tool that God has added to her toolbox for her to obey that command. 

It’s certainly something worth thinking over: What tools has God put in each of our toolbox? What unique gifts and talents have we been given, and how can we use them to share the gospel?

Let’s not forget that more than 2,000 years ago, God gave us the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ, His Son.

So, will you consider using your gifts to share the good news to someone who needs it this Christmas?

As long as you are willing, God can use your talents to be a blessing in someone else’s life during this festive season.

*The shelter cannot be named to protect the domestic workers it houses.

  1. What gifts or talents has God blessed you with?
  2. What is one creative way in which you might these gifts to share the gospel?
  3. Who might you reach out to in this way?