I am a proud member of Gen Z (just about) and already have a decent sensing of how our generation stands out, whether it’s through our unique monopoly on TikTok silliness, the 0.5 selfie or our special emphasis on being “authentic” and “relatable”. 

It’s why I’ve started reflecting on the younger generation of Christians in Singapore, particularly those in Gen Z (don’t worry, younger millennials — I haven’t forgotten you either). 

The truth is, many of us view our Christian faith rather narrowly, as if it were something that only concerned our own personal lives and the people in our immediate circles. 

In my own church, as well as other settings where I’ve met other believers around my age, I’ve had the honour of getting to know many great people who, from a young age, are already passionately discerning God’s plans for their lives ahead and serving His kingdom in practical ways! 

Their examples give me excitement when I think about how young Christians in Singapore will play their part in carrying out the Great Commission and being salt and light wherever they are. 

There are so many ways young people can grow and build up God’s kingdom here on earth and as one of them, I’d like to suggest some ideas on how young Christians in Singapore can mature in their faith, bless the land and glorify God! 

Dig deeper, see further

To be a generation that builds God’s kingdom wherever we are, it is important for us to dig deeper in our understanding of God and the world He has made, so that we are better equipped to make a gospel impact.

The truth is, many of us view our Christian faith rather narrowly, as if it were something that only concerned our own personal lives and the people in our immediate circles. 

So, we need fresh determination to dig deeper when it comes to the Christian faith and cultivate an appreciation of how God is working around the world and within wider society.

For example, it would be worth strengthening our understanding of social and political trends present in our world today (especially in our own country), so we can respond to them in light of Scripture.

By sharpening our understanding of different ideologies and philosophies that shape today’s thinking, we can then appreciate how the gospel message relates to these ideas and how we can communicate a better way that Jesus offers.

This is something that I am personally quite passionate about.

Over the years, I’ve increasingly come to appreciate how God has a grand story in mind, by seeing how He has planned and acted to transform the whole world through His love and grace, even from the beginning.

It has helped me eschew a self-centred perspective in approaching life, particularly when I’ve confronted by my own personal issues with school, work, relationships and in the church.

As younger Christians, we can also develop our understanding of God by using our minds to learn about theology.

We can spend time to study the Bible in depth, going beyond the surface to understand deeper meanings.

You don’t have to become an expert in Ancient Hebrew or Koine Greek — simply start by looking into things like the specific cultural contexts behind the different books of the Bible.

Personally, understanding context in the Bible has strengthened my ability to understand God’s heart on a deeper level and apply scriptural ethics in my daily life!

Our theology impacts the way we perceive God and His commandments more than we realise.

So, it’s quite important that we exercise discernment when it comes to what we are hearing, learning or being taught — whether among friends, online, or on the pulpit — rather than accepting anything too passively.

So, ask the Holy Spirit to help you in this endeavour. He will illuminate new things in God’s Word and guide you. 

Understanding God’s Word and world will give us better perspective on how we should live as Christians in our time and how we should evangelise.

Broadly speaking, I hope that young Christians in our country can deepen their minds and broaden their horizons.

Take action

As James 2:24 reminds us, faith without works is dead. So, here’s a good framework to consider on how we take action:

  • Head
  • Heart
  • Hands

First, in our heads, we have to dig deep to understand what God’s kingdom really means in the first place, and what our purpose is in all of it

Second, our hearts need to be invested into the work of building God’s Kingdom. If our hearts are not postured rightly, whatever contributions we attempt will be hollow.

No one should serve out of a sense of religious obligation; they should serve from a heart that’s filled with love for God and love for others.

Third, our hands will then physically carry out the unique calling and tasks God has for us. 

So what are some of the ways in which we can take action?

One important way is to continue sharing the gospel to our pre-believing friends, family members and communities around us.

Your church will have events or programmes aimed at intentionally building bridges with pre-believers so as to share the gospel. Be a part of that, and find your own unique ways to share the Good News winsomely.

Additionally, keep a look out for vulnerable groups within our society.

There are many people within our midst, who face unique strains and pressures that most of us don’t experience in our day-to-day lives, and who may be looked down upon by some who are more privileged.

Whenever I volunteer in church ministry to help out disadvantaged families — whether they be young children or the elderly — I am always reminded of how crucial faith in action is.

And for those who sense a calling to overseas missions, it is worth venturing out to the nations in the mission field. Indeed, we should remember that our God is a God of all nations.

My hope is that we will not be a generation of believers who are content with sitting down in church and absorbing sermons, but be a people who take action in light of God’s redemption plan for our world!

Get plugged in, fellowship

“that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (John 17:21)

Younger believers can mature in their faith by being plugged into their church communities well. 

We should not see church as something to show up for every weekend or merely a social club, but as a place where you can minister to others with God’s grace and pursue Jesus together.

Many of our churches have youth and young adult ministries where we can actively find other peers to fellowship with — so join those!

And even while that’s happening, we should also learn to engage with older believers too! I’ve personally found it very rewarding whenever I do so.

Beyond our immediate spiritual community, we should also have a sensitivity that there is a broader community of young Christians all across Singapore.

For students, this is why it’s worth walking with Christian ministry groups in school such as Cru or attending Christian events like Thir.st Youth Night.

These will remind you that your place of education isn’t just for you to get the needed qualifications, but somewhere where you can find fellowship with other children of God.

That is something that I came to cherish when I was involved in various campus ministries during my time at university.

A plan and a hope for our generation

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Speaking of context: the words in Jeremiah 29:11 were aimed at the Israelite people, offering them hope in the face of the Babylonian exile.

It’s not a sign for us that the Lord is some kind of genie who offers us our desires as and when we want (even though He does care about our desires and plans!).

However, I do think this verse applies well when considering how God will use the gifts and opportunities available to younger believers, to enable them to live spiritually abundant lives and build a legacy demonstrating His glory.

Based on this, I am full of confidence in how He will enable us, as young Christians in Singapore today, to grow much more and leave behind legacies of fervent faith that will transform Singapore and the world!