“God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

You’ve been in God’s shoes. Felt the awe of creation birthed from an idea somewhere inside. The canvas is no longer blank. The new page now resounds with poetry. All your life you’ve created, composed, conceptualised. Each piece, a collaboration, God x you

You can’t explain it. But you know what it feels like when the light bulb goes off. That divine moment when “x” happens.

You may have struggled to fit God into the picture. Your craft is a part of you and so is your Creator. But how does your faith fit into the work you do? Who else walks this strange and lonely road?

I’ve always dreamt of belonging to a creative community that’s passionate about maximising their creative gifts to influence and change the culture of society and in particular, the Internet. A team of Kingdom influencers who use their God-given creativity to put out relevant content that is well-produced, hilarious and enjoyable.

There is no reason for the Church to be lagging behind in the great storytelling we see in the secular marketplace. Our Father is the Author of the greatest story ever told! So why shouldn’t we be telling stories that are beautiful, redemptive and powerful? As His children, we should be shaping national narratives for key seasons like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, National Day … Every day!

There is no reason for the Church to be lagging behind in the storytelling we see in the secular marketplace when our Father is the Author of the greatest story ever told.

The biggest issues young creatives face is a lack of role models who are effectively exercising heavenly influence in their creative fields whom they can look up to and be mentored by. Young creatives are smart, sharp and they can sense easily when someone is faking it and just living a double life at work and in church.

Without mentors to show them that it is possible to use their gifts at work and for God as well as the possibility of making work a form of worship, they reflect the common narrative that creativity can only be fully realised in the corporate world.


I also believe that many Christian creatives do not have a conducive environment where they can flourish and grow their creative gifts. Churches are not the best in providing such an environment. After all, they’re not creative agencies!

All too often, they do not easily recognise the value and potential of communicating through design, film, art, writing … At most, a creative might be challenged to redesign a Church website. Or lay out the Sunday bulletin. Maybe be in charge of the Church anniversary video – from pre to post production. ????

So while it may seem that the Church has no creative people based on certain quality of output, I think it’s probably just that creative talents have not been fully utilised and well-invested in – resulting in most creatives being drawn to better opportunities – better briefs, better budgets, better mentors – outside of the Church.

Just as Professor Xavier sought out mutants who had withdrawn themselves from the world out of fear, it’s high time we called our creatives out of hiding.


The X Conference was borne out of the hearts of creatives who understand the struggles of reconciling our craft with our Creator. How do I create for God in a less than godly workplace? Why do I feel like I don’t quite fit in Church? Is there a creative cause worth investing my very limited free time in?

Creatives have to know that they have a tribe. And when we gather from different Churches to collaborate on a compelling cause, we can activate our gifts in way that can inspire the individual, the church and the world.

It is important for creatives to catch a glimpse of their heavenly potential. When they are able to see themselves maximising their gifts for a cause that is bigger than themselves and one that is jointly owned, it could open up a whole world of possibilities in how they live their lives.


The quality of our content would be so good that people would be compelled seek us out for inspiration, direction and entertainment. And in the process of doing so, inspire many more grass-root movements to do the same – a explosive multiplier effect on the world for the glory of God.

We’re calling it the “x” effect: When people of the Cross collaborate with their Creator.

Christian Creatives: Writers, designers, media planners, filmmakers, artists, musicians and storytellers across all disciplines – mark your spot and find your tribe in this Creative Covenantal Community here. The X Conference is happening this weekend, October 27-28, 2017.