At the start of May, the Awaken Generation worship collective and put out a call for songwriters to release new songs for a world desperately in need of hope.

Since then, we’ve seen our digital airwaves being filled with #songsofhope, changing the atmosphere and lifting people’s spirits.

Many have written, recorded and shot their own videos, and we thank you for using your gift to encourage and bless others! 

Here are just a few that have been shared with us: 

Defiant by Ian Chew

I had been sitting on this chorus and bridge that I had written for a while, but it wasn’t until recently in this circuit breaker that I worked on completing the verses for #songsofhope.

I felt the message in this song would lend courage and strength to people who are being confronted with trouble in the aftermath of COVID-19.

I love using words or ideas that are uncommonly used in songs. The word “defiant” stood out for me because the word means “openly resisting opposition”.

This is a powerful idea: that we, as followers of Christ, do not have to conform or succumb to the threat of fear and uncertainty.

Job insecurity, economic recession, emotional and mental wellness, and just the longing for the normalcy of life are very real issues we suddenly have to contend with.

In the testing and in the shaking, we can hold fast to His promises.

When mountains tall stand before me
I will not forget Your promises
In the middle of my affliction
You reveal Your steadfast love

In the darkest night
You dismantle every lie

I stand defiant in the face of fear
With courage in crisis; strength in my spirit
And a faith forged in the fiercest flames
I will not be shaken
Cause You are with me

Confronted by all my weakness
You lift my head above adversity
Unshakeable and unwavering
You’re the God who fights for me

No weapon formed against me shall prevail
I have this hope, an anchor for my soul

That’s Who You Are by Yvonne Ng

The moment COVID-19 hit our nation, my workload increased exponentially because we had to move all our services online and I work as a videographer in my church.

Suddenly, endless plannings and meetings arrived at my doorstep. For days, I was working until late in the middle of the night and waking up early again the next day to get things moving.

Then one evening I remembered driving home and catching a glimpse of the sunset. In that moment, I was reminded that the Lord is still the same. He is still in control and He is still watching over us.

It was then that I started to remind myself every day that the Lord is still good. The work on the cross is my foundation even in such a time as this.

Unwavered, that’s what you’re like
Unchanging, that’s who you are
Faithful God
Loving Father, that’s who you are

Let the work on the cross
Be the guide to my heart
Let the work on the cross
Be the confidence of my soul

I’ll enter into your presence
With praises on my lips
Oh Lord, you’re all I’m seeking

Be Still by Ong Choon Yong

During the circuit breaker, God spoke to me about the need to be still.

Many times we go about doing our business – especially in our fast-paced Singaporean society – that we sometimes forget God’s hand in all things.

We start worrying about many things and have the mindset that the onus is on us to do everything, including church ministry. Slowly, we forget that the battle is and has always been the Lord’s – and that He will fight for us.

Of course, being still doesn’t mean we don’t do anything, but that we acknowledge His presence with us and His providence for our daily strength to complete what we’ve set out to do. 

In fact, before we even do anything, it’s crucial to first be still and listen to God’s voice, or else we aren’t really moving in the direction He wants us to take.

I, too, am guilty of going through the motions, worrying about many things and feeling sorrowful that I didn’t approach things prayerfully.

Hence, I wrote this song to encourage us to make our personal fellowship with God our Father a priority.

Shut the door, cut the noise
Can you even hear My voice
Caught up in endless chores
Always leaving you worn

Be still
What are you really fighting for
Just look into my eyes
Be still
All I’ve ever wanted was
Your heart close to mine

Won’t you be still, my dear
Don’t toil in vain
Won’t you be still
And trust wholly in My name
For I will fight for you
For all your days
Don’t you see I’m in control

Day by day, night by night
Will you ever see the light
You make your plans, set your course
What about “inquire of the Lord”?

I know
You’d devoted your love to something more
In the name of Jesus Christ
Be still
All I’ve ever wanted was
Your heart close to mine

Won’t you be still, my dear
Don’t toil in vain
Won’t you be still
And trust wholly in My name
For I’m with you
Through all the wind and waves
Don’t you see I’m in control

Be still
For I’ll be there to calm the storm
And you’ll be alright
Be still
For all I’ve ever wanted for was
Your heart close to mine

Won’t you be still, my dear
Don’t toil in vain
Won’t you be still
And trust wholly in My name
For over heaven and the earth I reign
Don’t you see I’m in control

So peace, be still, my soul

纯洁清心 A Pure Heart by Chang Weng Lok

After watching “One Pursuit” by Alarice Hong of Awaken Generation and worship singer-songwriter Josh Yeoh, I stood up from my bed and sat down in front of the piano. My inspiration started with a verse that was on my mind the week before: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8).

As I started to ponder what a pure heart looks like, I remembered the nights spent with the Lord in the midst of my brokenness.

In those moments when anxiety overwhelmed me, God’s word was like taking the first breath of fresh air while coming out of the water. It gave me peace and comforted me. It led me to one deep revelation after another and all the promises of His love for me.

I wanted only Jesus and sat at his feet every night. I was just an incomplete and broken person who needed the Lord. I would not stop seeking Him.

“纯洁清心 A Pure Heart” is a love song to the Lord.

Like the needy child who would not stop saying “I need you”. Like a child who would sit at the feet of the God, waiting, singing and listening to His voice.

She keeps His words in her heart, like a heartbeat, for as long as she still lives. She yearns for Him and loves Him with an extravagant love.

我等待 我安静地等待
我歌颂 为我君王歌颂
我聆听 我牧人的声音
我歌颂 为我爱的耶稣


活着只为祢 我爱祢深切

Holy Spirit Come 触摸我心
I breathe You in, I breathe You in
Let me hear Your voice, beating in my heart
I live for You, I live for You

Inspired? The circuit breaker might be ending soon, but that doesn’t mean our praise must end.

Let’s continue to flood the digital space with #songsofhope and let the world hear about the hope we have in Jesus.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Be still. Ask the Holy Spirit for a word and a song.
    Draw inspiration from what is going on around you in this brave new COVID-19 world. Articulate your emotions into lyrics. Find the modern day psalmist in you.
  2. Record yourself singing your #songsofhope.
    Your mobile phone will do. We’re all used to home-shot videos by now.
  3. Post the video on social media with the hashtag #songsofhope.
    Don’t worry about whether the visuals or sound quality are good enough. You are singing to the Lord, and that is good enough.
  4. Tag and @awakengsg on your social media posts
    We’d love to hear from you!