If you’re a creative in the kingdom, you’ll want to listen up.

Assembly Asia is offering to seed fund awesome kingdom ideas for outreach. They’re calling it the Kingdom Innovation Grant and are taking applications throughout the month of December.

This means that if you have a viable initiative or idea to get the gospel to young people in the online realm, Assembly Asia will back you up with up to S$30,000! 

With something as crazy as this going on in the kingdom, we had to find out what was going on. We spoke to Raphael Foo, one of the co-founders of Assembly Asia, for the heart and hope behind the grant.


“It’s often said of how increasingly difficult it is to reach the youth of this new generation,” reflected Foo on evangelisation efforts towards today’s young people.

“With the world now structurally favouring interaction in the online realm, there comes a new demographic that seems to be increasingly beyond our traditional methods of reach.

“These youth who are spending most of their time online, are now less receptive to our traditional means of outreach.”

That is why Foo and Assembly Asia want to see kingdom initiatives spring up in three key online spaces where today’s youth are: TikTok, livestreaming and esports.

“These three platforms are specifically chosen as we’ve determined they will be likely pillars of the internet to come in five years time,” explained Foo. 

The 29-year-old hedge fund manager revealed: “In my job, I’ve been fortunate to see the data coming out of the most technologically advanced countries and companies in the world.

“It shows us a convincing trend: these three categories have some of the strongest growth in new users and time spent on the platform. I am highly confident that these trends will only strengthen.

This is fertile ground for sowing the gospel.

As such, through the Kingdom Innovation Grant, Foo desires to supplement the work of the local church by helping their youth explore new platforms, making the most of what these digital opportunities offer.

Indeed, Foo noted: “Live streaming and esports are some of the biggest pillars of entertainment among a new generation today.

“Some of the largest live streamers globally have millions of viewers daily. This is fertile ground for sowing the gospel given that they discuss a gamut of topics ranging across all issues of life.”

Furthermore, Foo strongly believes that the schooling years are a “golden opportunity” to reach young people with the gospel.

“Somehow, the window to reach them rapidly closes once they start work, or are choked by the worries of life. Their hearts become more hardened then, less receptive to the hope that Jesus brings,” he observed.

This window is what serves as the impetus for Assembly Asia to go to the platforms where the youth are.

Ultimately, Foo hopes that by calling forth innovation in these online realms, a generation raised on such mediums would rise up and bring the kingdom there in a way only they and their peers can understand.


To Foo, the local church runs the risk of falling behind on innovation if it is absent from many of the new mediums rapidly rising in its midst. 

This is where the Kingdom Innovation Grant comes in. “We seek to contribute to the church by surfacing these gifts, and empowering believers to maximise their God-given talents,” he says.

“The Kingdom Innovation Grant is now open, and will kickstart five ideas with up to $5,000 each. Thereafter, three eligible ideas will continue to be supported with up to $25,000 each. 

You should note that there are three grant categories – TikTok, livestreaming and esports – so apply to the one which best fits your passion!

As fellow creatives in the digital space, we at Thir.st are excited to see the initiatives that will be born from the Kingdom Innovation Grant.

I certainly agree with Raphael, when he says that our presentation of the gospel must continue to always remain sharp and relevant.

And he’s certainly got a big dream: “God wants us to investigate multiplying the kingdom and its resources in ways that may not be entirely ‘safe’ bets”. 

It’s one that I genuinely hope is matched and even surpassed by the visions and passions of many other believers in the kingdom, as we strive together heavenwards.

So get to thinking, creatives. We’re rooting for you!