“God had a dream for your life before you were even born, and then He wrapped a body around that dream to fulfil that dream.”

Barely a few hours after he touched down in Singapore, Lou Engle, founder of TheCall, preached to almost a thousand youth from over a hundred Churches, gathered for the final day of FOPx Surrender Conference on November 25, 2017.

Sharing about his early years when he first experienced an insatiable hunger for Jesus, having previously walked blind to the faith despite coming from a Christian home and education, Lou reminded the crowd that each one of them was a dream from Heaven – God’s dream.

“That’s why you can hardly help but do what you were created to do. You can hardly not fulfil what you were created to do when you come to know the Author of your life.

“And you can try to fulfil your own dreams or follow the voice of the One who’s inside you to be a voice on this earth.”

“How many of you have ever had a God dream?” Hands raised across the room, somewhat hesitantly at first.

“Start praying your dream into being,” Lou encouraged. “When I was a young man I prayed for the mantle of Frank Bartleman, who participated in and wrote a powerful book on the Azusa Street Revival.”

“I didn’t just want to read about revival, I wanted to see revival in my country, for the generation. So I kept praying.”

“One day my friend called to tell me that he’d had a dream, and in that dream he saw a big black book with the word ‘revival’ on it, and inside was the picture of Frank Bartleman.

“And in that dream, his face turned into mine.”

The big dream in you will always drive you to the outer limits of your faith. You cannot pull off your own dreams – they must be fulfilled by God.

He looked around the room, you could tell everyone was on the edge of their seats.

“Pray prayers that are way beyond your own thoughts. Prayer embraces the God of impossibilities. He is exceedingly abundantly more than you could ever ask for or imagine.

“Here’s the work: Ask largely of God.”

Just the way he’d pleaded for the mantle of Frank Bartleman, the way Jabez had prayed for God’s enlargement of his life, the way Joseph dreamed his dreams. Dreams are never just dreams – even if they seemed impossible, he said.

“The big dream in you will always drive you to the outer limits of your faith. You cannot pull off your own dreams – they must be fulfilled by God.

“Every dream usually goes through the nightmare stage – lest you think you’re the one who fulfilled it.

“It’s when the dream dies that resurrection takes place, and you know it’s supernatural through and through.”

He also talked extensively on how Singapore was a prototype for youth movements across Asia and the rest of the world – as part of her destiny as the Antioch of Asia, which reaches its 40-year anniversary since Billy Graham spoke the word during his Singapore rally in 1977.

“I believe in Singapore. Not just for revival but for transformation, reformation, justice … Rolling down like water to the men and women who will dare to dream the dream, pray it into being and follow the voice of God.”

But a Jesus Movement like this cannot not take place without a John the Baptist movement to precede it, the way John preceded Jesus.

“Revival is God’s arrival. When Jesus came to earth He sought out the man in the wilderness, set apart and fasting for the coming of the one who was greater than he.”

Give us a generation that is not possessed by things but by God. A generation so possessed by His promises.

“How far will you go in your consecration to God, not out of legalism but out of love and inward desire?

“Will He find a generation that won’t do what the rest of their generation is doing? Separated from the pleasures of this life for the true pleasures of the divine?”

Holding up his book, The Nazirite DNA, Lou called for youth who were willing to set themselves apart and consecrate their lives for God to do His revival work through them.

“Give us a generation that is not possessed by things but by God. A generation so possessed by His promises that they will lay hold of them no matter how long it takes.”

“What starts as small as a seed can become a great tree that fills this whole island, the east, the world – you must believe.

“Being faithful in that seed can change history.”

FOPx will be taking place this week from Thursday to Saturday, November 23-25, 2017. It will be held at Trinity Christian Centre (Days 1 and 2) and Bethesda Cathedral (Day 3). Tickets are priced at $40 per person and you can get them here. Night sessions are free and open to all!

Speakers include Lou Engle (co-founder of TheCall), Ben Fitzgerald (Director of Godfest Ministries) and various local Senior Pastors.