I don’t like to talk about my weaknesses, and not many people know this, but I get anxiety attacks every now and then.

They happen especially when something is stressing me out and I focus on it too much.

And since the best way to get rid of any unshakable bad thought is to replace it, I often try my best to turn away from myself and my circumstances and immerse myself in the Word. It is good news – filled with words of life.

The last time I had anxiety, I meditated on the shortest verse in the Bible – “He wept” (John 11:35).

I read it over and over, and found that the verse was quite puzzling. Think about Jesus as he saw Mary and Martha weeping over their dead brother Lazarus. Most normal people would have attempted to say something comforting. 

But of all the people there, He was the only one knew things would get better. He knew that in a few moments – He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead. Perhaps in that moment, words weren’t what Lazarus’ sisters needed to hear. But by crying with them, I believe Jesus wanted to show them that even in their darkest days, He loves them and will share their pain.

I was so comforted to be reminded that in my darkness, God feels my pain just as He felt Mary’s. What a wonder, that my God who can perform every miracle, wouldn’t just go ahead and do it (raising Lazarus in Mary’s example) – but would first sit down and cry with me.

It was the love I felt amidst my anxiety that compelled me to write this song.

I hope this encourages the reader who is going through pain or hurt. Even if the Lord knows that things are going to get better – even if He’s right about to bring you a breakthrough – He’s still willing to sit down with you right this moment to cry with you. 

He cares about you.


Annette Lee, also known as Sue-Ann on SGAG, is a writer, director and actor by day, making the videos that most Singaporeans are familiar with. She is also a singer-songwriter by night, recording as “ANNETTE, and has recently released her debut 5-song EP “All Our Achilles Heels”, produced by Scott and Ed Cash. Her EP is available on Spotify and Apple iTunes.