With July just around the corner, some of us might already know what’s coming.

I am no exception, as my church actively encourages us to participate in this period of prayer and intercession. 

But others might not be so familiar with this initiative. What exactly is the annual 40.day season about?

Spearheaded by LoveSingapore, the devotional series unites believers from different churches in a time of prayer, from the beginning of July till August 9.

This year, it is in its 26th iteration.

The theme is To Live is Christ, which will be expounded on through the study of Philippians.

Commonly read as a letter of gratitude from Paul to the church, the book goes beyond that to expose the issues brewing in the church — envy, discord, selfishness to name a few.

All this against a backdrop of growing persecution.

And while these issues were not lethal (yet), they surely would have sent the church in a disoriented direction if the problems were not nipped in the bud.

What about us?

How does the Singapore Church of today measure up? Do these issues sound scarily familiar?

In our post-pandemic world, have we turned a blind eye to the issues in church that COVID-19 has brought to light?

Just as Paul points the church in Philippi back to the authority and love of Christ, let us come together to give God His rightful place once again.

To Live is Christ. With the fear of God dwelling in us, we can live in hope of God’s good promises and look forward while running the race strong.

So, whether this is your 1st or 26th time, we encourage you to join fellow believers in this meaningful time of prayer. 

May we approach this season with a fresh pair of eyes and a ready heart to let God do His transformative work!

You can find more information on the LoveSingapore website and keep a lookout for the daily prayer entries starting from Friday, July 1 (0001hr).



Let’s fight spiritual battles with our weapons of God’s Word and prayer!

  1. What are some of the issues facing your church today?
  2. What does this year’s theme To Live is Christ mean to you?
  3. Who can you invite or encourage to be a part of this 40-day prayer journey?