On December 3, 2016, we flicked a switch, and the Thir.st website went live. So every time December rolls around, we marvel at another year of still being around. 

This year is a bit special than usual. Today we are 5! And 5 is the number of grace. Truly and only by the grace of God go we!

As we turn 5 this month, we’ve got stuff in the pipeline. A redesign, even a new tagline. But we thought that could wait. For today, we’d just like to celebrate simply – by giving thanks.

First, our deepest appreciation for our contributors, co-collaborators, newsmakers, staff past and present, interns, volunteers, and everyone we’ve ever worked with on a story, video, or post.

You didn’t just give us stories – you gave us your stories. You trusted us with your vulnerabilities, your insecurities, your fears. You opened up your life to encourage and equip others.

Through your testimonies, confessions and devotions, Thir.st readers didn’t just get to know you. They got to know your Jesus. Thank you for sharing your Jesus with the world!

Next, we’d like to thank to those who have given to the running of our Kingdom ministry.

We have a saying in-house, that “every dollar spent is somebody’s tithe”. We repeat this often, so that we stay grateful for every cent that has been donated in the past 5 years, by so many people who have given to this Kingdom project and allowed us to carry on with our ministry.

So, dear donor/sponsor, as we thank you, know that it’s not out of obligation. It’s right from the bottom of our Collective hearts. We are unbelievably blessed to have your support. Thank you for believing in this vision of uniting the Kingdom online. 

(And, if you’d like to give us a birthday gift, consider making a donation or even buying something from our new Thirst Collective Store!)

Finally, at this climatic point in every thank-you speech, it is an unwritten but widely-accepted rule that we should deliver a generic crowd-pleasing line to thank you, our readers.

It goes something like: “Most of all, we’d like to thank our fans (if we’re the Premier League champions) / listeners (Grammy Award winner) / viewers (Emmy Award winning show) / followers (influencer).”

We’re sorry, but we can’t do that. 

Dear reader, you’re a very close second. When we plan for an article or a video, we have you in mind. We do it because we see what you/we’re going through, we feel for you, and we want to have honest conversations about the things that concern you.

We hope these have helped you the past 5 years.

But, much as we are doing this for you readers, most of all, we’d like to thank God. He deserves top billing.

We have contributors – but their stories are really about Him (Luke 8:39). We have donors – but their funds originate from Him (Hebrews 13:20-21). We have followers – but what you’re truly seeking is Him (Psalm 73:25).

That Thir.st we’re named after? It’s a thirst for God (Psalm 63:1). It can only be quenched by the Son of God (John 7:37-38). It will only be fully satisfied when He makes all things new (Revelations 22:17).

We don’t know how long that will be. Five more years? 50? 5,000? Your (eschatologically-informed) guess is as good as ours. Until then, just like Jesus was when He was still Son of Man (John 19:28), we thirst.

Thank you, King and Kingdom, for this privilege of serving you. To God be the glory.