Now that we’re into August, freshman season is well and truly underway.

University is a whole new world of opportunity. What better way to get your feet wet than by having a spiritual community alongside you as an anchor?

Because we’re your friends here and love you, we’ve put together a handy little list of Christian freshmen welcome events in universities across the island.

They’re all on Zoom too, so we encourage you to invest in your future — take just a few hours to make your next few years awesome! 


Varsity Christian Fellowship

Varsity Christian Fellowship has been around since 1952 — and they’re still going strong.

To welcome freshmen, the various halls and hostels in NUS will each have their own Zoom rooms so you can find spiritual friends in your dormitories.

There will also be Zoom rooms based on faculties, one for post-graduates and one in Chinese!

Where and when: Online over Zoom, 4-20 August

Click here for a list of every Zoom room. Otherwise check out their Instagram or Telegram channel for even more.


Cru’s programmes for freshmen are full of support, fellowship and practical help.

Check out their E-SLF InfoSessions booth, happening from 11-13 August, 1-5 pm. That’s NUS’s student life fair, where you’ll be able to make friends, play games and find out more about Cru.

And since university can be a stressful time, make sure you give Cru’s peer support groups a shot too!

There’s a “Freshie Peer Support Group” comprised of seniors and other freshies that’s starting from 24 August onwards, and also another support group on Discord if you’re on that platform too. There you’ll be able to encounter discussions on social issues and the faith.

If your interest is piqued, slide into NUS Cru’s DMs on Instagram here for more information especially about the support groups. 


Christian Fellowship

Every labyrinthian campus needs a guide and these peeps are just the ones to help freshies out.

The good people at NTUCF have put together an orientation programme — CFOP — from 13-14 August that will help you get your bearings (spiritually too!).

CFOP aims to orientate newcomers and allow them to have a taste of what CF does and what to expect in NTUCF.

In terms of a Welcome Tea programme, there will also be a combined Christian Fellowship programme called “Get Together” on August 17. 

Here, you’ll be able to fellowship and share with believers from different churches and denominations.

Chat with seniors, and hear the vision and plans for the upcoming academic year. Get in by simply scanning the QR code in the image below.

Get Together will involve the English, Chinese and Indonesian Christian Fellowships. Enjoy a time of getting to meet new friends together before breaking out into smaller and more intimate time of introductions in the CF of your choice.

Where and when: Online over Zoom, 13-17 August

  • 13 August, 7.30pm – 10pm
  • 14 August, 10am – 5pm
  • 17 August, 7.15pm

Full dates and times right above. Oh, and here’s the link for the full information on those events mentioned.


Cru’s Welcome Week at NTU will take place from 10-13 August, 9-6 pm.

This is a special programme where freshies will be able to learn more about the “Cru-mmunity” and what the Cru experience on campus is all about!

There’s also going to be a Welcome Tea on 12 August, 6.30 pm. 

Meet fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as you learn more about what’s Cru is all about — through games, fellowship and many more activities!

For more information, visit NTU Cru on Instagram here or drop them a DM.


Christian Fellowship

Singapore Management University Christian Fellowship (SMUCF) has put together a freshmen welcome event heavily centred on the topics of wisdom and getting our priorities right. 

Freshmen can expect an overview of what SMUCF does during the course of a semester, as well as sharing from CF seniors about their SMU experience. There will also be a short sermon on the topic of wisdom!

WHERE AND WHEN: Online over Zoom, 10 August, 10.45 am – 12.30 pm OR 5 pm – 6.30 pm (choose either session).

More details and sign up here.


Like their NTU and NUS counterparts, SMU will also have a Freshmen Orientation Camp.

This one’s going to be held online as well, from 27-28 August. Challenging freshies to start the academic year with Jesus at the centre, this FOC promises to be a time of refreshment and realignment. Sign-ups are available here.

Otherwise, consider the Welcome Tea held on 20 August from 5-6 pm. Meeting the Cru-mmunity and hear the vision for the upcoming academic year!

Finally, look out for the SMU Cru booth at VIVACE (SMU’s freshman orientation event) — or just fill up their gorgeous form to get connected.

You’ll find more details in the SMU Cru Instagram page, where you can also slide into their DMs.


Students’ Christian Fellowship

Since SIM is all about management, start on the right foot by managing your time so you can make it for their Welcome Tea programme!

Here’s their friendly little invitation to all freshmen below:

“Hey freshies, welcome back to school!! 🤩🤩 SIM Students’ Christian Fellowship will be having our Welcome Tea on 11th August (Wednesday), at 7.30pm on Zoom! 🍵

Do join us to get to know what SIMSCF is about and for a fun time of meeting new people!!

If you would like to join us, do drop us a DM @sim.scf or email [email protected] with your name and contact details.

Hope to see you there🥳🥳”

WHERE AND WHEN: Online over Zoom, 11 August, 7.30pm-9.45pm 


Christian Fellowship

There’s something cooking over at James Cook University Singapore — you can tell by the sweet aroma of the Lord’s presence over at their Welcome Day programme.

You have over 100 days until the Welcome Day programme, so no excuse — put it down in your calendar. Here’s their official website, Instagram and Facebook pages so you can find out more about what life together with believers at JCUS looks like.

If you need to reach out to the good people over at JCUS Christian Fellowship, there’s email too!

Where and when: Online over Zoom, 18 November


Christian Fellowship

Nothing suspicious about the trustworthy folks over at SUSS, who have prepared a Membership Session for incoming freshmen.

Having been only four years since its first batch in 2017, SUSS is an exciting and new environment for freshies. So, make sure you make some good friends for the ride!

Where and when: Online over Zoom, 12 August, 7.30pm


Finally, we end with something that cuts across campuses.

#BlessedistheFreshman is an online meeting where you’ll have the opportunity to meet freshies from other universities as well as Cru seniors who can help you navigate the weird and wonderful waters ahead!

It’s taking place over Zoom on 7 August 2021, 1-3pm — sign up here!

There’s also a special event where you’ll be able to received personalised art from artists from Healing Rooms Singapore (Church of Our Saviour), who you will also be able to chat and pray with. Happening on 7-9 August, you have to sign up for this in advance as slots are limited!