Redeeming the time (kairos) because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:16)

Man’s days are evil โ€” full of pain and laborious trouble. Yet in between the humdrum of life, God appoints kairos moments to be seized โ€” opportune moments, due seasons, divinely instigated. However, these moments must be redeemed, paid for; they do not come to us free just because we desire them.

All things of value must be paid for, just as Jesus paid with His life to redeem us, and the man who sold all he had to redeem the pearl of great price. He who gives nothing of himself, will gain nothing himself.

A God-moment demands a payment for its redemption. If it is not paid for, it will be consumed by the evil of its day. What do we pay for its redemption?

Instead of a Friday night out with family, I spend it in prayer in church. Instead of spending time seeking out furniture and items to appoint my home and office, I spend it in mission meetings. Instead of sleeping late on a Saturday morning, I meet with other believers to pray and worship. Instead of putting in extra hours to impress my boss (or keep my job), I go out and minister to others. Instead of putting my daughter to bed, I’m in class equipping myself to do His work better.

We have everything, but “no time”, for it has been all consumed by the evil of the day.

There are many things I desire โ€“ย all lawful and good โ€“ yet I must forgo them. That is the price I pay to redeem my kairos. I cannot buy my way with Him, nor earn my salvation. But this is the God who says: Those who honour me, I will honour. Therefore as I honour Him with my time, He will honour me likewise.

We may be rich with the things of life, but He says we are poor, wretched, pitiful, blind and naked. We have everything, but “no time”, for it has been all consumed by the evil of the day.

So seek moments with God, go do His work, meet His people, for He is found where two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus. When you lose yourself in Him, you will discover and know Him, for He desires to make Himself known to all those who seek Him.