The upcoming X4 Creative Conference on April 10 promises to bring Christian creatives together to share stories, exchange ideas and bridge people into communities and collaborations. Ahead of X4, we’re featuring its speakers – Christian pioneers and artists who have been serving up the Gospel in fresh ways, challenging culture and communities. This week’s creative? PATRICK BEZALEL.

Oh, and by the way – we’re having weekly giveaways for tickets to X4. Full details for the next ticket on our Instagram post!

1.⁠ ⁠How did you first come to be involved in the creative industry/realm?

When I was 23, I got my first job as a graphic designer in an advertising agency.

My second job was a visualiser in a creative production house.

Following that, I started an agency with my wife in the year 2000. During this season, we developed brand and creative strategies for both MNCs such as Sony Ericsson, Disney and government agencies such as IDA, MFA, NEA, to name a few.

2.⁠ ⁠How does your current work involve creativity and culture?

I am currently a full-time artist. Creativity to me means receiving revelation from the Bible to draw, paint and create art that will reveal the heart of God.

…I believe that there is an dimension of art that transcends the soul and touches the spirit of a man.

I believe that Christian art can touch the spirit beyond the realm of emotion.

Art culture tends to focus on self and emotional expression. But I believe that there is an dimension of art that transcends the soul and touches the spirit of a man.

3.⁠ ⁠How is your work influenced by the understanding that God is creative?

God relates differently to everyone.

I encounter His love and presence through the process of creating art. I feel that God constantly challenges me to grow by exploring new frontiers.

So as an artist, I try to explore creating on different mediums. As I push my own boundaries in my craft, I encounter His revelations through each creative expression.

4.⁠ ⁠What do you hope to impart through your sharing at the X4 Creative Conference?

I hope to share God’s heart to preach the Gospel through art and different creative expressions that people are passionate about. 

I pray that, as followers of Jesus, we may be inspired to bring back the glory of Christian art as in the Renaissance period — that we may be bold and unashamed to express the Gospel through different art forms.

I also hope that all artisans will follow Jesus and step out of the boat when Jesus calls them into new adventures.