The upcoming X4 Creative Conference on April 10 promises to bring Christian creatives together to share stories, exchange ideas and bridge people into communities and collaborations. Ahead of X4, we’re featuring its speakers – Christian pioneers and artists who have been serving up the Gospel in fresh ways, challenging culture and communities. This week’s creative? ISAAC ONG (Colours Global).

Oh, and by the way – we’re having weekly giveaways for tickets to X4. Full details for the first ticket on our Instagram page!

1. How did you first come to be involved in the creative industry/realm?

As a kid, I had always been wildly imaginative and rebellious. I reckon these are qualities of a creative; dreaming new ideas and not always allowing the box to be a box.

Eventually, I found myself always getting involved in some form of creative project, work or video. I began to dream not only for my personal entertainment, but for others and for Kingdom’s cause.

Now, I’m also enjoying how creativity is not just limited to art, media or music, which in my formative years were my main conduits for creativity, but is now being manifested through business, leadership and economics.

2. How does your current work involve creativity and culture?

My main space for creativity now is through my business and leadership roles in different spaces.

I’m currently running a digital agency helping brands, individuals and organisations build their online community and presence, and running a non-profit that creates solutions to serve the marginalised in the nations and mobilise the overly-comfortable to do more for those who have less.

Creativity today for me looks like learning how to creatively build movements, mobilise resources, deal with stakeholders, manage politics, craft strategies and lead people to best of my ability.

3.⁠ ⁠How is your work influenced by the understanding that God is creative?

God is a genius. We often think in simple terms like getting from point A to point B and getting the job done.

But God is so creative. He thinks about the journey, the people involved, the impact and creating so much meaning, capacity, opportunity and life in the to more than just the A and the B.

And all the while, He makes it absolutely glorious and beautiful that there’s so much to sing about.

Even the wilderness holds beauty and so much purpose. That’s creative!

4. What do you hope to impart through your sharing at the X4 Creative Conference?

I hope to remind us of the many keys God has handed to us to unlock beauty, glory and freedom in the various spaces He has placed us in.

I pray that we would not be caught up in building a name, brand or legacy for ourselves but would use our creativity for His desire and as He designed.

I desire that we would be the Church in this time, and that we would be so full of light, colour and wonder – that God is seen and known by all who have yet to see and believe.