In this season of prayer and fasting, there’s been a lot of death around me.

All these encounters with the brevity of life have made me reflect on what it means to make my life count: Not for myself, but for my Lord.

God brought to mind the hashtag “YOLO.” At 10, I wasn’t a Christian yet, and I believed in the mantra “you only live once.” But the meaning of YOLO has evolved since I received Jesus into my life at thirteen. The acronym inspired me to write a letter to my 25-year-old self, and for my children when they reach the age as well.


This is your eternal identity. The love of our good Father in Heaven does not change. It is the same yesterday, today and forever regardless of your circumstances.

As you navigate the workplace at 25, some people may treat you differently according to your work titles. But this does not change who you are in Christ. Holding proudly and tightly to work titles is futile in the face of death.

God reveals His purpose bit by bit as you walk in obedience to Him

Terminally ill patients at the hospital have no concern for their work identity or former glory at the workplace. Some stare intently into the ceiling as they draw their next breath thinking about the what-ifs.

But others like our Christian brothers and sisters also stare upwards at the ceiling with a sense of peace. I sometimes wonder if God is showing them a glimpse of heaven; the paradise that will be their home at their last breath. So hold on to your identity as child of God and let God be the anchor of your soul (Hebrew 6:19).


At 25, you will yearn to know the will of God in your life and your life purpose. You will slowly learn that God reveals His purpose bit by bit as you walk in obedience to Him, being faithful in your multiple roles including at the workplace.

In your career, God will intervene through bosses, circumstances and counsel from godly men and women to show you His way instead. Walk in obedience with the Lord and you will be fulfilling the Creator’s design and purpose for you as His masterpiece.


In the Bible, Joseph responded to his brothers in Gen 50:20, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

At the workplace, even in church or in the family setting, others may bring forth false accusations against you. Learn to let God be the vindicator. Release forgiveness lest bitterness eat up your soul. When emotions run high and you lament to God, why are You absent and silent? Remember the vision He gave you one night in July 2018 – of a baker’s hat and a wine cup.

The dying do not care about their designer bags, branded cars or prized possessions.

Then you will know God is pointing you to how Joseph was forgotten by the cupbearer in Genesis after interpreting his dreams. Let God impress deeply into your soul and spirit the truth, that He sees, hears and remembers. He will vindicate you.

Even if you don’t see justice for a long time, He is still your Lord and master. How great and comforting are His tender loving care and attention to you. At times, when you feel forgotten or have been passed over on promotions by bosses, you need to learn to be patient and keep trusting in God’s goodness during such times of divine delays.


The dying do not care about their designer bags, branded cars or prized possessions. Often, all they have on their mind is what’s next and whether the next breath will be their last. They do not take for granted being able to wake up again when they close their eyes.

For you, as you plan out your schedule weeks and months ahead by God’s grace, remember that everyone will sit through a heavenly appraisal at the end of days.

In what and who are you investing your energy and resources? How would God, your Eternal Boss, appraise the life you’ve lived? Would you be rewarded or admonished for the things done on earth?

… everyone will sit through a heavenly appraisal at the end of days.

As Christians, we are charged to be ministers of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-21). Do your actions at the workplace bring peace or cause divisions? Does your lifestyle bring glory to God, that others are reconciled with Christ through your words and deeds? Are there days or seasons where you are so busy that you forget this ministry you have been entrusted with?
Learn to abide in God and finish the race of life well.

You will look back at 37 and realise even now you are still discovering the great depth of God’s love for you and me.