Christmas is a great time for us to wind down and enjoy fellowship with our friends and family over good food and meaningful conversations. It’s only natural after a long year.

However, I sometimes wonder if Christmas has become just another holiday for some of us. Has the real point of Christmas has taken a backseat?

After all, I’ve been guilty of that. Instead of being intentional about celebrating Jesus’ birth and pointing my pre-believing friends towards the true meaning of Christmas, I’ve been swept up in gift exchanges and parties.

Maybe it’s not that you lack the desire to share the gospel, but it’s something that feels daunting. Well, sharing Jesus can be simple. Even just one minute is enough to kickstart spiritual conversations.

Instead of making evangelising more intimidating and cumbersome than it actually is, I like to think of it simply as introducing a friend.

Introducing our Friend in three steps, we can jump right into sharing about Jesus!

Step 1: Who is Jesus and what is He like?

Think about the moments where you had to introduce a friend to another friend.

Maybe you said something along the lines of “I want you to meet so-and-so, she’s super cool and friendly!” or “Let me link you up with so-and-so. I’m sure you’d find him the funniest person ever.”

Point is, we always begin by sharing who our friend is and what he or she is like. So no need to overcomplicate — the same thing applies when we are introducing Jesus.

Is there a particular trait of His that you want to highlight to your friends and family members? Think about who God is and look to amplify that.

Tailor what you share according to your friends’ needs. It can be as simple as an aspect of God you know they would appreciate.

For example, a friend who has just moved to another country might be feeling lonely and in need of God’s companionship. Or someone who’s recently unemployed could use God’s comfort and hope.

Illuminate the traits of Jesus that would make Him an attractive friend. After all, what a friend we have in Jesus!

Step 2: How you met Jesus and how much He means to you

When introducing our friends to someone else, we often share about how or when we met them, and why they are important to us.

I have a best friend that I often bring up in my conversations with others. I get excited seeing the reactions on others’ faces when I tell them that I’ve known her for nine years and recount the humorous encounter we shared on the first day of secondary school.

I also share honestly that she’s important to me not only because we laugh about the same things, but also because she is a reliable source of support when I am feeling down.

Talking about my best friend and our friendship comes naturally to me and happens often since she has grown to be a rather integral part of my life.

Similarly and even more so, Jesus is our constant friend. 

All we have to do is go back to the basics: How did you meet Jesus? What stories do you have to share about why He’s important to you?

These stories don’t necessarily have to come from the time you got saved, they can be recent thanksgivings or miracles you’ve experienced. 

At the same time, they don’t need to be long or “groundbreaking” either — they just need to be real and authentic.

Sharing how you met Jesus and how much He means to you allows others to see that God is a living God who is in intimate fellowship with humanity.

Step 3: Why you are introducing Jesus

When we introduce our friends to one another, there is often a good reason for doing so.

For instance, you might introduce your colleague to your cousin if all of you love basketball. Or you may link up a newbie investor friend with another friend who’s also interested in learning about stewarding her finances.

The real reason why we are introducing God to our friends and family members is because of His love for us and the truth that He is our Creator. When we truly understand and accept what Jesus has done for us on the cross, we cannot help but share about it.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to share about Jesus’ birth and talk about the hope behind why we celebrate this occasion.

Let God guide you on how to talk about the “messier” and “uglier” parts of the Good News — that is, our sin and depravity — with grace and sensitivity. 

Putting the three steps together, your one minute sharing could look something like this:

Hi [Friend’s name]! Recently, you’ve been sharing with me that you’re really stressed. You know, I have a very special Friend I hang out with who gives me so much peace and comfort when I’m overwhelmed. (Step 1)

His name is Jesus, and I first met Him in secondary school during my O-Levels. Back then, I was so nervous to the point that I struggled with insomnia before my papers. I decided to pray and ask Jesus for comfort, and I managed to fall asleep immediately. Jesus also helped me stay calm throughout the exams even though the papers were difficult. I know He can do the same for you. (Step 2)

During Christmas, we come together to remember and celebrate Jesus’ birth. God sent Jesus, His only Son, down to earth as a human to die for our sins. Humans are sinful and cannot save ourselves, but Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross meant He defeated death and that eternal life can be had when we accept Him as our Saviour. This is what Christians mean by the gospel, and if you’d like to receive Jesus into your life I would love to share more. (Step 3)

That’s how I would say it, but you can tweak the format as God leads you. Hopefully, this example shows you that sharing about God need not be long and difficult.

Let God do the rest 

Now, it’s time to let God do the rest of the talking.

When introducing two of our friends to one another, remember that we are not the main character. It is about linking them up, and then letting them get to know each other.

You are just a messenger in this process: Present the gospel winsomely, invite them to receive Christ, be prepared to follow-up. That’s it. 

I believe that God can do a deep work in the hearts of those we introduce Him to, revealing His goodness and love to them in a unique and personal way.

This takes the pressure off us having to say things perfectly when speaking about God. We can rest assured in the knowledge that God is the best at letting His own glory shine.

You are just a messenger in this process: Present the gospel winsomely, invite them to receive Christ, be prepared to follow-up.

Finally, prayer is key in sharing Jesus with others.

Ask God for the words to say, and seek His wisdom on how and when to bring certain things up. Pray for your friends’ hearts to be softened and open to the Truth.

Continue building your own relationship with God and don’t shy away from engaging in difficult topics with non-believing friends; be equipped and ready to answer gently and respectfully, should your pre-believing friends approach you with queries or doubts.

Glorify God through your daily actions, so that even in times when words fail, your deeds may continue to point those around you to Christ.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, remember the reason for the season.

For even more tips and ideas to share about Jesus, you can check out resources like yesHEis or take a look at Salt&Light’s IG reels where other believers are sharing their testimonies!

Main thing? Just tell someone about Jesus.

It’s the best gift anyone could receive this Christmas!

  1. Do you find it difficult to share Christ with those around you?
  2. What’s challenging about it?
  3. What are some handles from this article that you can begin to include in your efforts to share your testimony and the gospel with others?
  4. Take some time to think about who you can share the Good News with this Christmas, then pray for them.