Evangelism is not a foreign concept to me — I’ve heard pastors preach about it as well as testimonials of people receiving Christ through evangelism.

However, the thought of actually doing it never occurred to me until last year.

Having no prior experience in talking about my faith and religion to my peers, the idea of having to do that very thing frightened me.

I feared being rejected and laughed at if I spoke about it, hence I was very reluctant to do it.

However, an encounter I had last December changed my perspective.

I remember praying for who to share the gospel with when a friend popped into my mind.

I brushed it off initially. But somehow, I just kept thinking of her.

And that’s when it dawned on me — it might be God’s way of telling me to reach out to her. But that’s when things got tricky. 

This friend and I had a major fallout in secondary school. We stopped hanging out and barely talked to each other in the last two years.

Therefore, I found it extremely difficult to reach out to her first, let alone start a conversation with her.

But I decided to just trust God and finally managed to convince myself to share the gospel with her. 

I first drafted out some conversational handles and how I could bring the gospel into our conversation. All that was left for me was to hit the ‘Send’ button.

However, at this point, I found myself having cold feet again. I procrastinated sending the message.

And when I finally managed to do it, I secretly prayed and hoped that she wouldn’t reply.

I couldn’t help but let the fear of awkwardness and presence of any ill-feelings she might have harboured overtake my mind.

I realised how God can work wonders in our everyday lives.

Thankfully, she was really receptive and open to talking and making things right between us.

We not only managed to reconcile and laugh at our past selves, but also share more about our thoughts regarding religion (and Christianity).

She was curious to find out more, which led to an invitation to one of my church’s services. I also managed to follow up with her through a series of digestible Bible study sessions. 

Throughout this whole series of events, never did I expect her to welcome me into her life again nor did I expect her to accept Christ.

Just like how the angels proclaimed peace on earth when Jesus was born, Christ has brought peace between me and my friend.

More thankfully, Christ has brought peace between God and my friend when she made the decision to reconcile with Him.

Because of this, I realised how God can work wonders in our everyday lives. I failed to recognise His plans for me initially and even doubted it.

But at the end of the day, when I finally trusted in Him and let Him do the work, I saw how everything fell into their rightful place.

Even though I do still get scared when it comes to sharing the gospel, this encounter serves as a reminder for me to not let my fears and worries prevent me from spreading God’s love and goodness to those around me.

May my story encourage you to share Christ and #PublishPeace this Christmas season.

This article is published in line with our #PublishPeace campaign, where we’re featuring real-life testimonies of those who have come to know Jesus as well as resources to equip Christians throughout 2022.

If you’re a young person who’s thinking of sharing the gospel but don’t know where to start, Singapore Youth For Christ invites you to its Celebrate Christ gathering on December 17 (Saturday).

Along with other fellow believers, be strengthened in your heart, mind and hands to proclaim peace through worship, workshops and teaching of His word. More details at bit.ly/info17dec.

  1. In what ways are you looking to share the love of Christ with someone this Christmas?
  2. Think of your social circles, then take some time to ask God for a name. Take some time to pray for this friend.
  3. Is there someone you need to reconcile with before the year comes to a close?