This special Father’s Day video series making its rounds on social media showcases four ordinary men who have opened up on their personal fathering journeys and the struggles they have faced in life. Every story has its own pains and seemingly insurmountable odds.

But the one thing that unites them is their decision to follow the Best Father of all – God, our Heavenly Father. In receiving and reflecting the love of God, they are earthly fathers made extraordinary by God’s enabling grace.


Father #1: Edgar Soon

Food delivery rider.
Orphaned at 13 years old.
Imprisoned for manslaughter.
Follower of Jesus.

Edgar was convicted of manslaughter and imprisoned for 13 years. Scarred by his past, Edgar never dared to imagine becoming a father. Getting married and even being able to start a family turned his life around.

Anchoring himself in a supportive church community has helped Edgar find the courage to be that responsible dad and husband his family can look up to.

Read Edgar’s full story here.

Father #2: Mark Suredhran

Full-time Christian ministry staff.
Had different plans in life.
Became a father at 42 years old.
Follower of Jesus.

Mark was already 42 when he became a father. He initially had other ideas: he did not want to bring a child into this world of pain and suffering as he knew it to be.

Later, when his wife contracted cancer, he had to single-handedly shoulder the heavy responsibility of taking care of his family. Mark learnt what it truly means to ‘die to self’ and how to rise up as a father during difficult times.

Read Mark’s full story here.

Father #3: David Heng

Former Engineer, now a School Counsellor.
Raised by his grandmother.
Parent to a special needs son.
Follower of Jesus.

David has always been in control of his own life until the day his son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Every day was an emotional struggle; having to take care of Nicolas often left David feeling helpless and frustrated. As a father, having a special child was not a place David chose to be in, but a path he intentionally walks together with Nicolas.

Read David’s full story here.

Father #4: Jason Ong

Brain tumor survivor.
Restaurateur and Missions Advocate.
Follower of Jesus.

Jason was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and had only six months left to live. His family business had just took off when he was given the death sentence.

Challenged by the limits of time, Jason became determined to live a meaningful life of feeding the poor and underprivileged with his wife and stepdaughter.

Read Jason’s full story here.

#OurFathers is a Cru Singapore initiative to champion fathers in Singapore. It is supported by the local Church and other missional organisations such as YWAM Singapore, OM Singapore and East Asia School of Theology.