There is so much noise in this world, from the voices on social media to the hustle and bustle of all that’s around us.

If we are not intentional in daily life, it is all too easy to miss out on hearing the voice of God.

God wants to speak to us all the time. Do we encounter Him in our daily life? Do we have conversations with Him, like we would a friend?

In this two-part series, we chat with a few friends who have heard God in their own personal ways. Be encouraged that God speaks today, and we can hear Him!

Experiencing how tangible Godโ€™s Word can be

I think God speaks to me in many different ways, there isn’t a single mode of communication.

The clearest and simplest mode God speaks to me is through the Word.

Another way is when the Holy Spirit prompts me. Sometimes, I randomly feel like I need to do this thing which doesn’t really make any sense. But when I simply follow that feeling, I realise afterwards that it was God guiding me.

God also speaks to me through revealing experiences in life, where I really come to comprehend what His words mean โ€” not just knowing it in my head but feeling it in my heart as well.

One such instance was when I was serving in a children’s camp. At that point in time, I was still struggling with comprehending God’s love for me as a Father.

Because I had gone through quite a rough childhood, I was doubting that Father God really loved me.

If God really loved me, and He is so sovereign, why didn’t He bother to protect me? Did He forsake me?ย  That was what I was struggling with that at the time.

God does not want bad things to happen to His children. He wants them to flourish!

At the children’s camp, this little boy was sitting on my lap. He was my favourite kid and we were close.

He was holding a toy in his hand, when I suddenly felt God say to me, “See, Seth? Do you want to take away his toy?”

“No!” I responded. “I want him to have it and play with it and be happy.”ย 

Only then did I begin to comprehend a father’s love; God does not want bad things to happen to His children. He wants them to flourish!

But I needed God to put that in my heart like this, so I could fully understand what the Bible was saying.ย 

When it comes to hearing God’s voice, praying for discernment is extremely crucial.

When it comes to the random thoughts in your head, sometimes you may know right off the bat that it is not of God โ€” but of yourself or even from the enemy. Other times you may instinctively know that such a thought is definitely from God.

Then there are such thoughts that could be from the enemy โ€” but be cunningly disguised as coming from God.

In moments of confusion, this is where constant prayer for discernment and God’s wisdom come in.

We might have to take days or even weeks to slowly sit on a thought: “Is this really right? Is this really what God would say or want me to do?”

Hearing from God may feel hard at the start, but don’t give up โ€” you’ll eventually see it was all worth it!

God knows us and communicates with us all so differently and personally. We must trust that He will communicate with us in a way we can understand.

But we must also do our part in surrendering our entire minds, emotions and desires all to Him.

When we do so, we can see much more clearly. Two-way communication with God becomes enjoyable and fulfilling, a natural part of our everyday life.

Hearing from God may feel hard at the start, and it may even seem fruitless, but keep trying and don’t give up โ€” you’ll eventually see it was all worth it!

He is our God after all, our very Creator. He knows how to communicate with us and He knows what we see and what we don’t. We just need to have faith!

The solace of His still small voice

To me, talking to God happens almost anytime throughout the day.

I tell God random things such as how good the food is. I even ask Him to help me out with the rain whenever I forget to bring an umbrella.

God speaks to me most often through devotionals or daily verses from my Bible app. My daily devotionals often speak accurately into my circumstances, whether they be good or bad.

Either way, time spent in devotion never fails to bring me back to God.

Besides this, God also speaks to me through my loving friends who often send me verses or biblical messages that are extremely timely, sometimes even without me telling them anything.

Another way God speaks to me is through the weekly church sermons or words released by our pastor.

An experience that I hold closely to my heart would be when I encountered the still small voice of God. That was during a time where I was struggling heavily with comparison.

Back then, an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness would come almost every night, at times keeping me awake with anxiety.

That made me feel dejected. Despite knowing that God loves me, I seemed unable to believe it in my heart.

It was a long, tiring and discouraging battle, and the only thing I could do was to pray as I waited for Godโ€™s deliverance. God was the only one who could truly transform my heart.

When I find myself struggling again, I remember how God was the one who reached out to me when I could not lift myself up.

One night after I prayed, I was listening to a worship song when a series of thoughts suddenly entered my mind.

They came so quickly that I could barely process them. That was when I felt that God was speaking to me. These are the words that came to me:

You know that I am real.
You know that My Word is true.
You know that I am pleased with you.
You know that I have never compared you with anyone else, so you should not do it too.
You know that I have good plans for you.

As I reflected upon each sentence, I found myself crying before God.

The peace that came after this encounter, as well as the strength and assurance that were bestowed upon me, made me feel certain that it was God who spoke.

While my struggles were not completely gone after this incident โ€” there are times when negativity still comes โ€” I no longer feel held down or controlled by these negative thoughts.

When I find myself struggling again, I remember how God was the one who reached out to me when I could not lift myself up.

Believing in Christ’s victory, these negative feelings no longer had a hold over me.

I believe that our God never ceases to reach out to us, even when we may feel that we are beyond His reach. His love is unstoppable and He would leave the ninety-nine sheep to find the lost one.

Even if we may be unsure of whether we are hearing directly from God, we can be certain of the truths and promises that He has already so clearly spoken to us through His Word!

Some of us might be unfamiliar with the experience of hearing God. The word โ€œhearingโ€ may make us think that the heavens should open up with a booming voice.

While God does speak audibly at times, there are also countless other means through which He speaks.

If we desire to hear Him, we need to understand the channels through which God communicates โ€” and be ready to listen.

The Lord takes special care to be personal, and speaks to us in a way we can hear Him best. As we open our spiritual ears to listen out for Him, His voice will become more recognisable.

As you read these individualsโ€™ experience conversing with God, I hope you are blessed and encouraged with the truth that you can hear from Him too!

This article is the first in a two-part series on hearing from God. Look out for the next one coming to you real soon!

  1. When was the last time you heard from God?
  2. How does God typically speak to you?
  3. When it comes to hearing God, how can you prepare yourself to listen?
  4. Tonight, make some time to be still before God โ€” expect to hear from Him!