The first-ever live-streamed Day of His Power (DOHP) saw prayers released, blessings declared and an especially memorable message from Joseph Chean who shared that the Church must reset itself in these turbulent times.

The English version, livestreamed on Friday (August 6), saw members of the LoveSingapore committee helming various portions of 4 “waves” in a programme flow of worship-intercession.

In case you missed it, here they are:

  • Wave 1: Power of Praise
  • Wave 2: Power of Purity
  • Wave 3: Power of Presence
  • Wave 4: Power of Purpose
Pastor Lawrence Khong kicked off with a throwback to a vision he had first received for LoveSingapore. Joining him in the background were other pastors in the LoveSingapore committee.

LoveSingapore Chairman Pastor Lawrence Khong opened the 1.5-hour long programme with a prophetic picture he received in the early days of LoveSingapore’s founding.

At the time, he had received a vision from God that showed all corners of Singapore covered in “golden oil” that was oozing up from “many supply channels all over the island”. 

“Up in the heavens, a big hand was holding a big matchbox,” said Pastor Khong (Apostolic Overseer, Faith Community Baptist Church). “There was a pause. Then at the right moment, the big hand pulled out a matchstick.

“The big hand struck the matchstick and aimed it at Singapore. Fire fell from heaven!”

He then explained that the vision signified what is to come, “a new day of unity” that brings life-giving blessing (Psalm 133:1-2).

That picture of unity couldn’t be more apt, he said, since instead of thousands of people packed in one location tonight, the Church was gathering as one people “divinely distributed” in thousands of locations all across Singapore.

“A powerful picture of tremendous HOPE: Houses of Prayer Everywhere!” he added, as the programme continued into the first segment of praise and prayer.

Following on from worship, Church of Our Savour Senior Pastor Daniel Wee led viewers into a time of praise using the names of God before the next segment on purity.

After the call to exalt the Lord, kicking off Wave 2: Power of Purity was a familiar face to many.

Joseph Chean, National Director of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Singapore, shared that in preparing for the year 2020, he had sought the Lord for direction who had in turn given him “one word and two scriptures”.

“The one word is ‘reset’,” said the long-time missionary, who reflected that “no one would believe — even if foretold — that God would use the pandemic as His reset button for the whole world.”

Additionally, one of the scriptures God had shown Chean was Habakkuk 1:5.

“Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

Chean asked God: “How can the Church survive through this unbelievable something He is going to do?”

YWAM Singapore National Director Joseph Chean shared about the one word that God had given him for 2020 — reset.

In response, God pointed Chean to another verse, Psalm 127:1.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

Chean then laid out the deeper meaning of the word and scriptures he received: We are to live our lives with a conscious need for God.

“We must do so with a humble dependence on God,” he affirmed.

“Ultimately, it is all about God. Not us. Ultimately, it is all for His kingdom, His name, His glory. Not ours.”

Chean believes that God wants to reset the Church in at at least two big areas.

In terms of holy passion, Chean urged the Church to serve God’s mission with an “undivided heart and singular purpose of glorifying His Name”.

“Not the church’s name. Not the organisation label, not personal names or personal fame,” he reminded, emphasising the importance of purity of motives

And what does holy living look like? Chean painted the picture of a Church rightly representing God’s character. 

“In other words, God wants to reset us to a purity of morals,” concluded Chean.

Church of our Saviour’s worship team led viewers in a joyous and stirring time of praise at different points in the 1.5-hour-long programme.

In the lead-up to a time of prayer, Chean hammered home the message behind the three things he received from God back in 2019.

“This reset is for His greater purpose. To make us ready for the end time harvest. To make us His radiant bride, holy and blameless — fit for battle,” he declared.

“Return to the Lord wholeheartedly. God is here. He loves His Church.”

Chean then shared that we must respond to God’s mercies by humbling ourselves and examining our hearts.

He urged repentance for “living our lives our own way, doing our own thing and seeking our own glory”.

Reading from Isaiah 42:8 and 1 John 2:15-16, Chean also encouraged viewers to repent for ungodly living — for practising, condoning or tolerating immorality and worldliness.

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world — the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life — comes not from the Father but from the world.” (1 John 2:15-16)

Calling for people to pray wherever they are in their twos and threes, Chean prompted everyone to come before the Lord.

“Cry to the Holy Spirit to convict us deeply,” he said. “Return to the Lord wholeheartedly. God is here. He loves His Church. God loves to hear from heaven. He wants to forgive us.

“He will heal us from the inside out.”

After Chean’s message of resetting and repentance, the following waves echoed with exhortations to experience God in deeper ways and calls for revival in Singapore.

Pastor Jeremy Seaward, Senior Overseer of Victory Family Centre, prayed for a “fresh outpouring” of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers and in our nation. 

He looked to the example of the early church in Acts 4, adding how miracles would follow such prayers. 

“When the early church was faced with obstacles that would seemingly slow or stop the spread of the Gospel,” noted Pastor Seaward, “they cried out for a fresh outpouring of God’s presence.”

As such, he thus called for believers to intercede so that they would “experience the presence and reality of God in our personal life, home life and in our church life”.

Victory Family Church’s Senior Overseer Jeremy Seaward preached of the need for a “fresh outpouring” by the Holy Spirit into the lives of believers and for God’s presence to be felt in the nation.

Similarly, Pastor Khong, who spoke again in subsequent waves, reminded viewers of the power to be found in praise, purity and the presence of God.

Still, to the 69-year-old evangelist, there was one last “P” to cap the list off: “Praise, purity, presence are for a purpose!

Harking back to the dream God gave him 27 years ago, Pastor Khong emphasised that LoveSingapore started off as a unity movement with a purpose.

“Loving Singapore together, turning Singapore Godward,” he recalled.

Faith Community Baptist Church Senior Pastor Daniel Khong led a prayer of consecration on behalf of all believers.

That vision involves seeking the well-being of Singapore, while being “motivated and fuelled by prayer”.

That, to Pastor Khong, has two main arms:

  1. Standing up for what is true and right according to the standard of God’s Word.
  2. Reaching out to those who have yet to encounter Jesus through Good News and good works.

The first point, in particular, was later revisited by Senior Pastor Ian Toh of 3:16 Church in his exhortation on being salt and light in the city.

“Tonight, let us arise and stand tall for Singapore,” he had declared. “To be ambassadors of Christ for what is right, true and beautiful!”

In his segment, Pastor Toh also asked God to raise up “God-fearing gatekeepers”.

As the programme neared its closing, Hope Singapore Senior Pastor Jeff Chong led in a time of intercession for families, urging believers everywhere to fulfil God’s purpose by loving Singapore together.

While much else was said, at DOHP 2021, that was the thrust of the programme’s four waves — a grand vision that was laid out for Singapore’s churches in the post-COVID era.

Pastor Khong concluded the night with a recap of what viewers had heard and done through the programme, and led them in one last communal prayer for the night.

Then, a final song together: “The Blessing“, as sung by 772 singers from 177 churches and movements in Singapore. 

That made for a beautiful moment of unity, as believers across the nation lifted their voices in unison, singing God’s blessings over Singapore, before our national anthem swelled at the close. 


Missed the livestream? You can still catch it here on LoveSingapore’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

The first-ever Chinese edition of Day of His Power will also be held on Sunday, August 8, at 8pm. You can tune in with this link or on any of LoveSingapore’s channels.

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