5 years ago at an Awaken Generation worship night, a couple shared openly what they were praying for: The wife had a tumour in her eye and needed a healing miracle.

As they were sharing, God put it upon my heart to write a song. The phrase He gave me was simply, “My grace is sufficient.”

I didn’t fully understand what that meant, but as the Holy Spirit began to speak to me — I grew to have a powerful conviction.

His grace is sufficient enough to overcome the struggles we face every single day. They are sufficient enough to walk through the darkest valleys of our lives.

At the time, I was filming a video testimony with a leader in my church. She had journeyed with her husband through his battle with cancer, even up until his passing. Although it was an extremely trying period for her — her faith in God was resolute.

“Years ago when I received the news about his condition, I prayed to the Lord to save him, to heal him. But in his later years, while he battled with cancer, I realized it’s not about the desires that I had anymore. I told the Lord to prepare me and the family, to give us the strength if it was His will to take my husband home.”

Hearing her speak was a turning point in my prayer life. I was moved to ask God for the same attitude she had in prayer. I wanted the same confidence: That in every situation, I would be able to pray and trust in God’s will because I know He cares.

Prayer is so much more than just talking to God. Our concept of prayer tends to be very shallow: We essentially think God is good only if He answers our prayer.

The more testimonies I listened to, the more I began to realise this truth about our faith: God cares for us too much to simply spoon-feed us with what we want.

Like a parent who wouldn’t feed solids to a 2-month-old, our God knows what we need, at the exact moment that would be in our best interest.

But that also means that sometimes, the answer to our prayers may not be what we are expecting. Still, when we pray, we need to pray with confidence.

We can wholeheartedly have faith because Jesus first overcame death. He is dependable, and will strengthen us in every situation. He is enough for us to walk through all the seasons of our lives. He never fails.

As I was putting the finishing touches to the song, God reaffirmed my trust in Him during one Sunday service.

We were gathering to pray as a group when a mother spoke up, “My son’s condition is not getting any better. His readings for his kidney function are still at zero. But I thank God that even though his kidney is not functioning, he is still able to walk around in the house”.

A verse came to my mind at that moment: “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” (Psalms 34:8)

God will strengthen us in every season of our lives. My prayer is that this song and its lyrics will be used by God, to remind you to keep discovering how good and strong He is to carry you in every season of your life.

I pray that its lyrics will remind you of God’s goodness even in difficult situations, and give you strength to carry on.

Yvonne passionately believes in music and the language of song as powerful tools, able to bring revelation and communicate hard issues. Video editor by day and lyricist by night, she’s currently working on her new single. Connect with her on Instagram @vondotcom or her website: www.vondotcom.com