This rainy afternoon, multitudes of students went back to their Junior Colleges to receive their A level results. Some, however, went home with more than one results slip.

The More Than One Result initiative, which first ran in 2015, aims to remind students of their self-worth and identity by handing out redesigned results slips to students collecting their actual A Level results. In place of the usual academic subjects, this alternative certificate lists out a number of positive character traits, all of which are given a “U” grade.

While this sounds like a shock to our A Level students, the “U” here stands not for “ungraded”, but “unconditional” – for unconditional courage, resilience, gratitude, love and joy that will follow our students for life, regardless of what grades they receive. It’s a call to try hard, but always remember what truly matters.

This year’s effort was organised by School of Thought, a civic centre focused on developing the character of the youths while concurrently providing tuition to secondary school and JC students. Ian Mun, an alumni at the School of Thought, personally designed the alternative results slip two years ago. He said he knows how it feels to be disappointed when receiving your A Level results.

“When I saw my grades, my world crumbled. I did not know what to do, where to go, how to move on. My life was suddenly in limbo,” he shared in an earlier interview.

He credits the ability to see beyond his “failures” to the support of the people around him, who believed that he was more than his grades and told him so. Hoping to pass on the gesture and offer support to his juniors, he started the original More Than One Result movement with some of his friends.

Despite the afternoon’s heavy downpour, joined in the heartwarming initiative, heading down to our Creative Producer’s alma mater, Victoria Junior College, to hand out 100 of the pink slips. The official release time was 2.30pm, but by 1pm, many of those collecting their results were grabbing lunch in the canteen. Most were relaxed and happy to be reunited with ex-schoolmates, although a few we spoke to were visibly anxious.

When we expressed empathy for the daunting experience, as well as encouragement as those who’d gone before, there were smiles all around. “I was right where you guys are 10 years ago and it was terrifying,” our Creative Producer told some of the waiting students. “But look, we’re all still alive and well. Whatever happens today, you’re going to be fine.”

As the back of the alternative pink slip reads: On this day, you might feel that your entire world has expanded or shrunk based on the letters on another piece of paper you’ve just received. But dear student, those letters don’t set you down a fixed path. You are more than one result.

For those unsure of your options or looking for guidance on what to do next, School of Thought will host a sharing session this Sunday afternoon for students who need advice on the opportunities and possibilities after their A Levels. Details are as follows:

Post A-Level Results Sharing Session
Sunday, Feb 26
School of Thought Auditorium, 222 Queen Street #04-02