Fengshui  – 风水 – literally means wind-water and is premised on the idea that there must be good flow and balance in a given space in order for its inhabitants to experience good fortune, peace and harmony.

As believers, we are to remember that the source of true harmony and blessings come from God.

The peace that the Holy Spirit gives to us (John 14:27) is not anything that the world can give to us; it is a peace that leaves us completely at rest, secure and unafraid.

It is not something that we can simply engineer. Nor can it be achieved by manipulating the environment or people around us.

But as we follow and obey Him, these things will be added unto us (Leviticus 26:3-9Matthew 6:33).

Practically, you can choose not to be an active participant in the fengshui process.

Pray over your own personal workspace and also pray for your office environment, as well as your colleagues. Find like-minded Christian colleagues who can pray alongside you.

There have been testimonies where a group of colleagues have prayed against these practices at their workplace.

In one of the instances I’ve heard, the group really did not know how a breakthrough, if any, would come about because their boss was a staunch believer in fengshui.

But one day, their boss was replaced by a new one, and the new boss didn’t like many of the “lucky items” placed around the office, so he asked the team to get rid of those things. The Christians who had been praying seized that opportunity to remove a lot of the idols.

If you are able to influence your boss or colleagues, maybe you can even counter-suggest doing an office blessing instead.

This question was first featured on Salt&Light, a brand of The Thirst Collective.