From our first foray into a Chinese New Year short film, to real-life stories of tragedy and triumph, and making music with some of Singapore’s biggest talents, we’ve cherished the great privilege of creating memories together in 2019.

As the year comes to a close, we look back at our most popular videos, as chosen by you.ย 

#5 #THIRSTACOUSTIC: ๆˆ‘ๆ„ฟๆ„ – ISAAC ONG ็ฟๅฅ•ๆฐ (COVER)ย 

2 years on from his debut on The Voice, Isaac Ong returns with the song that first skyrocketed him to regional fame. In this rendition, however, Isaac also includes a tribute within the cover to God, turning Faye Wong’s classic tune into a love song for Jesus.

The ballad reflects the sentiments carried within Isaac’s message elsewhere, that time and intimacy spent with Jesus in one’s secret place is life-giving and something to be sought and fought for.

Oh, and it also sounds super amazing โ€“ so you should definitely listen to it again.

#4 PAPER HEARTS ็บธๅŒ…ๅฟƒย 

In the lead-up to Chinese New Year, we had the opportunity to shoot one of our favourite stories with one of our favourite uncles of all time, Jeffrey Goh!

Uncle Jeff candidly plays himself in the short film, and gives us a glimpse of a life in harder times as the eldest of 11 siblings. In a culture where money is king, Uncle Jeff’s story reminds us about the priceless things of life.

Don’t miss this story about love, sacrifice and the things of life that money cannot buy.

(Psst! Save this video to share for CNY next month!)


Coming in at #3, we told the story of another brave young woman who took a road less travelled.

26-year-old Harmony Tee unshrouded what doing death for a living is like, and shared how she went from being an NUS bizgrad with a priority offer from Ernst & Young to planning funerals.ย 

Having served the dead and living, Harmony offers a sobering look at life and encourages us to start living with the end in mind.


Not many people have been flung out of a car in an accident. Fewer still have lived to tell the tale.

Rachel Ch’ng is one such survivor who shared her harrowing account with us, having went from bleeding and broken to the point that she even begged God to let her die to discovering God’s purpose for her life in her miraculous healing.ย 

Hers is the story of one’s girl’s grit in the face of death and suffering, of love that surrounded her and a higher hope that hangs above.


Finally… here’s #1 on the list!

Timothy Liew, 32, opens up about what living with a family member with disabilities is like, and what keeps him going.ย 

Having to care for his elder brother Jonathan (Jonah) who has Down Syndrome and only one hand, Timothy pulls no punches as he paints an intimate โ€“ and at times painful โ€“ picture of what it means to have a childhood that doesn’t look “normal” and learning to let go of anger and resentment.

Still with us after those 5 videos? We hope you’ll still be here after 5 million more. Here’s to many more stories and songs together, for the glory of God.

Whether you have a skill, a song or a story, we invite you to join us as we blaze the trail in the next year and beyond! Come and be a part of