Christmas is round the corner and this means one thing: Christmas ads. Each year, companies step up to conjure beautifully crafted commercials every year, with production costs skyrocketing, and each clip garnering million of views. It appears we’ve gone from Christmas movies marathons to binge-watching Christmas commercials.

But quantity is no guarantee of quality; not all Christmas ads are created equal. Yet there are a few which have nailed the art of storytelling, creating pieces that are bigger than the company’s brand to remind us of the essence of this holiday season.

So this Christmas, presents to you our Top 5 most meaningful Christmas ads of all time. Be prepared to feel warm and fuzzy – and maybe even shed a tear or two – because these are not just about product placement. These are life lessons.

KFC’s The Boy Who Learnt To Share (2014) 

Watch as this selfish but endearing boy learns that the true joy of Christmas comes in the form of sharing. (Or maybe that chicken just wasn’t that finger-lickin’ good?)

APPLE’s Frankie’s Holidays (2016)

It’s too easy to huddle in our comfort zone with our loved ones during Christmas. But there are people out there who are neglected and could really use some care and concern. Apple reminds us to open our hearts to the needy, the estranged and the lonely this Christmas, because they deserve some love too. Well done, Apple.

EDEKA’s Come Home (2015) 

We can get so caught up in life and its busyness that we tend to forget what truly matters. Edeka’s tearjerking ad reminds us to treasure our families this Christmas before it’s too late. Turn on the CC for subtitles!

JOHN LEWIS’ The Long Wait (2011) 

You’re familiar with the anticipation and excitement of receiving gifts at Christmas. But through an unexpected twist, this little kid teaches us that Christmas goes beyond ourselves. Preach it, you cutie pie.

IKEA’s The Other Letter (2014) 

The best gift is often our time, our presence, ourselves – we get it. But what sets this Christmas ad apart from others is that it highlights what people truly want is not just material things. There exists a deeper desire in our hearts – if only we look hard enough. #Profound.

So there you have it! Our top 5 most meaningful Christmas ads. Is Christmas still just about the presents received and the food you eat and the fun we have? Or have the ads reminded you of the real Christmas spirit? Let’s remind ourselves what Christmas is about and make this year’s celebrations more meaningful than the past years. Have a blessed, merry Christmas everyone!