With Father’s Day right around the corner, many of us are racking our brains to figure out what to do.

What could we give our dads to show just how much we appreciate them for all that they do?

Beyond the cheesy Father’s Day cards and typical gifts of socks and ties, a great Father’s Day gift that is truly from the heart but yet often neglected is the gift of prayer. 

Need some inspiration? Here are seven prayers for dads:


These are the dads that just never seem to stop. Whether he’s at the office, at home or on vacation, work is always at the back of his mind or at his finger tips – which are glued to his smartphone, replying yet another email.

While he might appear to have the energy to go on forever, it’s not easy to find the strength to constantly manage both work and family. Your prayers might be exactly what he needs to do just that: 

Dear God, I thank you for a dad who loves us and works hard to provide for our family.

I pray that you would continue to bless the work of his hand and sustain him as he works. May he find joy in his work, his family and especially in you.


Stern and stoic, this “typical Asian dad” doesn’t express much affection – you’ll probably never catch him saying “I love you”. He may come off cold and distant, but deep down, he really does love his kids. 

This dad often shows his love for you in many indirect, albeit awkward, ways. Maybe he asks if  “you eat already?” to express his concern for your welfare. Or maybe he tells you that you need to work harder in school because he wants you to succeed and do better than he did.

In any case, these dads need our prayer, so here’s one:

Dear God, I thank you for the father that You have given me, whom I know loves me in his own way. I pray that you would also help us love him in a way that honours you.

I pray that he will experience your amazing grace and faithfulness each day. Empower him to love and lead this family well. May we always be a source of joy and respite for him. 

This dad thinks he’s just one of the kids. Chances are, a good portion of your childhood memories involve racing him down slides at the playground, spending hours building LEGO with him, or both. 

He makes life fun, and would never hesitate to do the craziest things. You love spending time with him because he never fails to make you laugh, and it’s always a good time. 

While it may seem like he’s breezing through life, do remember to pray for him:

Dear God, I thank you for the love my father has shown me, and for all the good times and memories we share. I pray that his joy and playfulness will always help our family to remain close.

May he continue to be renewed and refreshed. Let him be a blessing to everyone he meets!

He’s your very own, real-life superhero! Whether you need his help building furniture, advice to navigate a difficult situation or just some encouragement, you can count on him to save you in every situation.

Although he seems like he could do just about everything and then some, these dads need our prayers too: 

Dear God, I thank you for a dad who is there whenever I need him to be. May he see how much of an impact his love and presence has made in our lives.

I pray that as he demonstrates his love for us, he will experience your love in new and greater ways each day. Help him to make a difference not just in our lives, but also in the lives of others.

Raising a child is not easy, especially when you have to do it on your own. This dad carries the responsibility of having to be both parents at once, while facing the stigma of single parenthood. 

Your prayers are a good way to support your dad as he attempts to balance everything: 

Dear God, I thank you for a dad who has loved me all these years, especially through his struggles. I pray that you would empower him with the wisdom, strength and love to continue leading our family.

In difficulties, may he turn to You and find all that he needs. Grant me the grace and wisdom to know how to love my father too. 


Here’s a prayer for all those who may not be fathers yet, but will be soon. There’s no better time to start praying for you and your family than right now! 

Dear God, I thank you for the blessing that you have given us. In the waiting, would you shape me to be a good husband and father?

Help me to lead this family well, that I would know how to love them, provide for them and guide them in your ways. I pray that I would continue to turn to you even as I navigate this new season.

Fathers play an important role in the family,  They are meant to be the head of the household – to be a provider, a teacher and a leader who is strong in faith, guiding his family in the ways of God. 

But maybe some of you have fathers who have yet to experience the saving grace of Jesus. This Father’s Day, why not offer to pray for him? Ask if he has any requests – but don’t be discouraged even if he turns you down. 

You can still pray for him on your own. Here’s a prayer for you:

Dear God, I thank you for the father that you have given me, and I entrust him into your loving hands. I pray that he would experience your love and grace in an undeniable way, and that you would draw his heart to You. Help me to be a good testimony that constantly points back to You.

Regardless of what kind of father you have (even types that aren’t included here), do honour and love them not just on Father’s Day, but also throughout the year too! 

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  3. How is your relationship with your father? Say a little prayer for him!