As young people living in Singapore today, the challenges we face are many. From an uncertain future posed by the pandemic, to broken relationships and a culture that often runs contrary to the one we are called to live in. 

This National Day, we asked youths and young adults from different walks of life to share the burdens on their heart. 

How would they pray for our nation? What kind of Singapore do they wish to see? 

Timothy Weerasekera, 34, interfaith advocate

Lord, we thank you for the peace of this land despite our incredible racial and religious diversity. We acknowledge that it is by Your hand that we have come so far.

We ask for a peace that abides in Singapore, regardless of race, language or religion. That we will be sensitive to the feelings of our fellow man. Give us honour for the different peoples and cultures that you have blessed us with.

We also pray against the spirit of offence which seeks to fracture our peace.

Instead, we ask to be able to embody your mercy to cover one another’s faults when they arise, and to be able to embody your gentle, kind and restorative justice for actual sins we commit against our fellow man.

Samantha Chin, 33, works at community youth movement FamChamps

Lord, may the homes of our youths be a sanctuary, where they can find grace and support amid the stresses and difficulties they face in life.

May there be a strengthening of relationships between family members, and Your peace that reigns in their homes.

Turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents. Bind their hearts together, that they may live in harmony with each other in love, unity and trust.

May family members freely offer love and forgiveness to each other, and may You grant healing and restoration of relationships that have been broken or strained.

Danielle Poh, 26, master’s student 

Dear Jesus, we thank you for providing us with the opportunity to be able to go to school in Singapore, a privilege some in the world can only dream to have.

Though the education system is not perfect, we own the sins that we have committed while in school, or after graduation as a result of the culture in schools, whether is it unhealthy comparison with our peers, placing our identity in our grades, disrespecting authority or a lack of integrity.

Remind us that education is a gift that helps us make sense of Your world, acquire skills and discover our interests and gifts.

Help us not to pride ourselves in what we know or can do. Instead, help us desire to steward our knowledge, skills and interests to honour You through blessing those around us (Matthew 25:35-40) and to work diligently (Matthew 25:14-23).

Samuel Tan, 24, undergraduate and founder of FaithX

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for all young adults who are entering the workforce. Please show them how to remain steadfast and not be swayed by the world.

The rat race, social pressures and immoral cultures threaten to steal our soul from You. But hold us tightly. Give us wisdom and courage to face our giants and to be salt and light in the marketplace.

Through You, let us transform culture, and bring Your kingdom wherever we go. Guide us, lead us, use us, mould us.

Emmanuel Wong, 19, NSF and leader at Praying Schools

Dear Lord, I want to lift up my nation into your hands.

You see how uncertain life has been. There is chaos, turmoil and violence in our homes. There is also indifference among us.

I declare Malachi 4:6a over our country for unity in the families – that You will turn the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of the children to their parents.

Would you break the divide and isolation the generations have had? Let there be reconciliation and forgiveness to mend broken relationships, and let the Banner of Christ be over us.

Today, we invite you to pray for Singapore as well. 

Where darkness exists, there are opportunities for light to shine. When there is bad, we can be the ones to call out the good. 

Let’s give thanks and celebrate this country that God has ordained for us to live in.

Together, let’s make this a place that will be a blessing to the nations.

  1. What kind of Singapore do you hope to see?
  2. As a young person living in Singapore, what can you give thanks for?
  3. Has God given you any burdens and what are you doing about it?