“I’ve actually been preaching the gospel for 20 years now,” began world-renowned motivational speaker Nick Vujicic on the final night of the Impossible Conference 2021.

As the last speaker for this event, the founder of Life Without Limbs started his message on impossible situations in life by reflecting on what he has seen through his years of ministry. 

“It has taken me all around the world,” he continued. “We go from country to country, and they have problems and dents and uncertainties all over the years.”

Through his travels, however, Vujicic shared that he sometimes sees “beacons of light in unexpected places.” 

Speaking of places in the world and people who are even less privileged than him, Vujicic shared that he is always amazed when they tell him they are somehow still happy with life.


Having seen all kinds of struggles people face around the world, Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, believes that we can’t compare each other’s suffering.

He shared one particular encounter after a speaking engagement in Cambodia.

“There was this little boy who was homeless, who could not get in,” recounted the 39-year-old. “But this kid was so smart. He wanted to meet me, so he found out where the cars were going to be.”

When security tried to prevent the child from approaching, Vujicic told them to let him come. 

“He looked around six or seven years of age,” he continued. “I was in my wheelchair so we were the same height, and he looked at me and I looked at him.

“His body was dirty. You could see his clothes were torn. And on top of his head, which was shaved and had no hair, he had this flesh-eating disease.”

Vujicic could see that the disease was eating into the boy’s flesh, which had turned purple. Furthermore, there were flies all around his body. 


“I could never imagine my life in his shoes. And he looked at me without a word. He put his hand on my cheek and was almost teary-eyed,” said Vujicic. “Without saying a word, he was thinking: I can’t imagine my life without arms and legs.”

This boy was only one out of 500,000 people Vujicic has personally met through his ministry, yet he believes every single one of them is facing their own impossible situations.

“It seems absolutely impossible that a man without arms and legs can be somebody who finds joy, who finds purpose,” remarked Vujicic, before getting attendees to think about their own impossible situations.

The message that was to follow, however, wasn’t quite what I had expected. 


Indeed, we usually expect motivational speakers to tell us we have the ability to overcome our problems. But Vujicic emphasised that the strength to do so does not come from within us.

Instead, only God can help us “conquer the impossible”.

Vujicic then shared his personal experience of how he had seen God conquer the impossible in his own life.

The Australian father of four shared in detail about how he had been diagnosed with a rare incurable degenerative disease that would have turned his spine into nothing.

Against this impossible situation, he prayed for healing — and God miraculously built his spine back up! 

But while God can do miracles and heal us, Vujicic stressed that it’s not guaranteed. 

Saying otherwise, to Vujicic, is a clear sign of the prosperity gospel. “Here’s the full truth,” he continued. “If God kept on giving us physical healings, we’d never go home.

“It’s awesome and miraculous that we can be on earth, to be His hands and feet, to enjoy this earth as we can. But this home is not our home. We are a citizen of heaven passing through.”


He noted how Christians have died due to various reasons like plane crashes, car accidents, cancer or sickness. No Christian is promised a completely safe and healthy life.

“So when we pray a prayer for a physical healing of our temple or for God to do something in our body, He has the authority to even say no,” said Vujicic.

But why would God refuse to heal the sick, to save those who are dying? “Because God is God,” answered Vujicic simply.

“He is the God of the impossible, but His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.”


Vujicic then turned his attention to the spiritual realm.

“Some of you believe in the same God that I’m talking about,” he began. “But you don’t really understand that the evil in this world has nothing to do with what God and His goodness is.

“Let me tell you right now, the God-of-the-impossible’s perfect plan for Nick was not to have limb deficiencies.”

Vujicic asserted that the Garden of Eden was so ideal, that humans were never even bitten by mosquitoes. 

“Everything was perfect until Adam and Eve sinned,” he explained. “Because Adam and Eve had free choice and they chose sin, we then fell short, failed and now have a sinful nature.”

To illustrate how prevalent sin is in our life, Vujicic gave the example of how children will fight each other when there’s only one toy to play with. 

“You’ll see sin, you’ll see hatred, you’ll see dishonouring your parents, you’ll see jealousy, you’ll see that this item is worshipped,” he mused.

But sin isn’t just in human beings, added Vujicic, as there are also negative influences from evil spiritual forces. 

The good news, however, is that Jesus has already defeated these powers of darkness through His death on the Cross and resurrection.

“Jesus has the keys to hell itself,” affirmed Vujicic. “That’s why the gates of hell shall not prevail against us.” 

To Vujicic, since we already have spiritual victory through Jesus, we don’t need physical healing before we can feel like we’ve conquered the grave.

While we can and should still ask God to help us with our afflictions, Vujicic’s encouragement was that we are already more than conquerors regardless of whether God helps us with our problems. 

This is because of our relationship with Jesus and the fact that we have the Holy Spirit within us.

This is the secret of Vujicic’s rock solid foundation in life: “I can pray for the impossible to be done, and even if God doesn’t change my circumstance, He can change my heart.

“And if He doesn’t give me a miracle, He can still make me to be a miracle.”

Vujicic proceeded to share that while God hasn’t given him limbs, He’s used him to help others, like a limbless girl from Malaysia. 

“She wasn’t allowed to go to school fully in that country,” recalled Vujicic. “They were marginalising her and when I came to Malaysia, I was able to put her on the national news.”

As a result, those who had marginalised the girl stood corrected and she was allowed to go to school. “I was used by God to be a miracle for that little girl,” affirmed Vujicic.


Vujicic took a moment to urge attendees to reflect on their walks with God. 

“Tonight, when you go to sleep, if you stop breathing, where are you going?” he asked. 

Vujicic also spoke specially to non-believers, telling them that living a good or righteous life isn’t an excuse to not need Jesus. 

He then read Jeremiah 29:11 and encouraged attendees that we can have wonderful futures regardless of our impossible situations, for God will give us what we need.

Vujicic shared that while he still doesn’t have arms or legs, he does not feel that he lacks anything. 

“Do you think it’s got anything to do with money? Let me tell you no,” he clarified. “I lost a ton of money in the last two years.”

The real reason for this contentment, to Vujicic, is because he has the eternal God in his life.

“Money comes and goes. But Jesus comes to stay.”


While many believers usually focus on praying for their non-believing friends or family members to accept Jesus, Vujicic believes we should desire for everyone to be saved. 

“I don’t even want my worst enemy to go to hell because hell is so bad,” he said.

Vujicic believes praying for our enemies is important, as is praying for those who are spiritually blind so that God would convict them of their need for repentance and Jesus.

Vujicic’s encouragement was that in doing so, there’s great blessing at the end of it. “They’ll be a miracle for someone else,” he said. 

Finally, Vujicic shared that he perceived that there were people present among attendees and viewers, who are hesitant to accept Jesus because they’re afraid they can’t overcome their sin.

He shared that the fact we are all sinners is exactly why we need Christ: “God came for the broken, He came for the addicted, He came for the brokenhearted. He came for you and me who need fixing.” 

The beautiful thing is that this unchanging God will not leave us. That, to Vujicic, is a solid reason we can place our hope in Him. 

“You may fail God, but God will not fail you,” he declared. “He will carry you when you cannot walk.

“And He will come into your life if you allow Him in and fix each broken room one at a time.”

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  1. What are some impossible situations you are facing in life? 
  2. Bring those situations before God in prayer? Whatever God wills, know that you are already more than a conqueror through Jesus.
  3. Do you know someone facing an impossible situation today? How can you bring God’s love and light to them this week?