“Super sian sia!”

As much as I like staying at home, that has become the cry of my heart after nearly a month of not having left my home.

And with the extension of circuit breaker measures, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one increasingly bored out of my mind.

No need to thank me, but I’ve compiled a list of resources that have been tiding me through this period. I’ll list them below for all of us to share! 


I highly recommend checking out this Telegram channel called SG Weekend Plans.

I’ve been following them even before COVID-19 broke out, I’ve found it a useful place to look out for interesting activities happening around Singapore.

Now that we’re in the extended circuit breaker, SG Weekend Plans have been highlighting interesting alternatives to our usual weekend plans.

For example, have you ever wanted to see the Great Wall of China or Windsor Castle?

It blew my mind to realise you can do so through a virtual tour! And, of course, the best part is it’s free.

The Telegram channel also highlights free plays and musicals that are happening during this season. Just 2 weeks ago, I caught The Phantom of the Opera online – a real treat!

If you’re into watching shows online, then we’ve also put together a list of wholesome stuff you can watch online in this article.


Music is great for the soul. Knowing this, we’ve compiled 6 Spotify playlists to boost your faith and encourage you.

Prayer can also bring you inner peace. Don’t know what to pray about? We’ve been putting together lists of things to pray for, from healthcare heroes all the way to the authorities.

As these prayers only take a minute, you can work them into your midday routine so you have something to look forward to at noon each day.

If you find it difficult to discipline yourself to pray, I suggest subscribing to this prayer channel on Telegram. You’ll receive notifications on when to pray and what to pray for.

This initiative was started by two 18-year-old students from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), who aim to encourage people to find rest in God in this troubling time through prayer and intercession.

“Even though many of us may not be able to serve physically, we can still serve God spiritually through prayer,” Charmaine Lim, one of the founders shared with me. “We want to give everyone something to give thanks for and someone to pray for every day.”

The channel is being updated twice a day now – in the morning and evening. Definitely check it out if you want to be intentional about pausing and praying!


Recognising that increased isolation can exacerbate existing stresses or create new ones, a group of students from Singapore Bible College School of Counselling (SOC) decided to provide short-term counselling to church members.

Consisting of around 20 student volunteers pursuing their Masters of Arts in Counselling, they aim to provide counselling support understanding that churches vary in their ability, capacity and capability to do so.

The counselling is conducted online, for up to four sessions and again – for free

“Our prayer is that anyone who may be struggling during this time will be comforted that he or she is not alone and will be listened to,” Randy Khoo, one of the student volunteers said. “It is really okay to ask for help.”

Another great resource to check out would be Emmaus Strategies (ES). Having suffered from burnout and depression himself, founder James Lim started ES to raise awareness for burnout and mental well-being.

You can try their COVID-19 quiz to identify possible stressors in your life to tackle and overcome.

They’re also launching the Hack Care Hackathon. It’s an event where all sorts of people from coders to copywriters can collaborate on coming up with practical solutions for the challenges COVID-19 brings.

That’s happening on 30th April, Thursday, from 3-5 pm. Click here for more information.


Finally, from personal experience, if there’s anything that will cheer a Singaporean up – it’s free stuff.

From handphone wallpapers to Instagram Story templates, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re on Telegram, definitely pick up our Faith > Fear sticker pack.

We hope these little goodies can make your day a little better, as we just want to spread some love.

That’s the way we’ll all get through this period together!

  1. How has the circuit breaker been for you so far?
  2. Which aspect of your well-being could use some love?
  3. What is one thing you will do to care for yourself this week?