If you’re sitting back and reminiscing the days gone by in the final hours of 2018, here are our Top 5 videos of the year to keep you company.

#5 Because He died, I’ll live forever: The very first Good Friday

This was our first full length animation feature for Easter season – told from the perspective of the thief on the cross next to Jesus during the Crucifixion. Fun fact: This entire video was conceived and created in less than three months – with just one animator.

Read the full story here.


#4 “She told me she couldn’t have children”: Menopause at 26 and the miracle after

Kate and Linnette recount the curious circumstances upon which they became friends – Linnette had received a vision of a baby for Kate, but Kate had been diagnosed with premature menopause six years before and was not medically able to have children.

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#3 Daddy’s Home 爸爸回来了

For Father’s Day, we sat down with James Giam and his son Sean to talk about the tumultuous years of prison and drug addiction that almost separated them forever. Having been in and out of jail 19 times in three decades, James was never a father to Sean – until God gave him a second chance.

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#2 One More Rice Bowl

Hoping to encourage the spirit of generosity and hospitality during Chinese New Year, especially towards those without a family to eat with on reunion dinner day, we shot our first short film with an intergenerational cast.

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#1 How to face the giants in your life

In our first virtual sermonette, Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church in Perth, Pastor Benny Ho, unpacked the lessons of strengthening our faith in the face of great trial using the biblical example of David and Goliath.

Read the full story here.

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