The stories you read on are a unique blend of voices from across our little island of Singapore – and at times, around the region. Many of these testimonies are written by contributors, and we have been so blessed to witness the greater story God is writing in our nation from the eyes (and virtual pens) of His local Church. Here are the Top 10 contributor stories of 2018.

#10 “I was the non-believer Christians are told not to be yoked with”, Ann Ng

Faced with the difficult decision whether to seek the faith for herself or break up with her Christian boyfriend, Ann Ng recounts the road to knowing and encountering God personally.

#9 “Full-time under 30: From academia to the heart of Africa”, Jemima Ooi

Our top “Full-time under 30” story in 2018 was by missionary Jemima Ooi, who shared about the journey from childhood that led to her going into some of the most challenging mission fields right out of university.

#8 “I lost all my hair to illness – but God gave it back to me overnight”, Chan See Ting

After more than three years since she was diagnosed with alopecia, Chan See Ting experienced the miraculous during a trip to Sydney for the Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference 2018.

#“Why was I born into a dysfunctional family?”, Brenda Chew

As a contribution to our Greater Love Giveaway, Brenda Chew opened up about the years of heartache and brokenness within her family – and how God restored her hope to see them one day serve Him in unity.

#6 “What I learnt from 12 months of job searching”, Cyril Tee

Fresh out out of university and ready to take on the world, Cyril Tee found himself unemployed after rounds of resume-sending and job interviews that were going nowhere … And with a pregnant wife in tow.

#5 “My story has no happy ending”, Mark Yeow

Is a testimony without a happy ending still a testimony? Mark Yeow talked about his ongoing trial of faith as he slowly loses sight in both eyes – and how he believes his story is not over yet.

#4 “How I forgave my dad for having an extramarital affair”, Esther Toh*

Also a contributed piece to our Greater Love Giveaway, Esther Toh (*not her real name) wrote about facing her family troubles and forgiving her father years after her parents’ divorce.

#3 “I waited 22 years for my baby to be born”, Susan Comiskey

Newly married and serving the Lord together, Susan Comiskey was only in her twenties when she and her husband discovered they had “unexplained infertility”. 22 years, miscarriage and a cancer scare later – the missionaries to Singapore finally received their promised child.

#2 “A Chinese girl in the Congo: Working in war zones 5,000 miles from home”, Jemima Ooi

At the age of 23, Jemima Ooi packed her bags and answered God’s call to “go places with Him”. This 7-year adventure has since taken her from the slum of India and Sri Lanka to the poorest nations in Africa.

#1 “I was in Crazy Rich Asians, and it showed me how I want to live”, Jonathan Cho

Our top contributor story of the year follows hot on the heels of the biggest all-Asian Hollywood production to date. Jonathan Cho reflected on his 5-seconds of fame and the thoughts that surfaced from his involvement in the film.

We welcome anyone with a faith story to tell to send in your testimonies, revelations and life lessons to [email protected]. And to all our contributing writers of 2018, a huge THANK YOU from the team for being such a vital part of our ministry. Let’s continue to feed the multitudes together in the coming year.