Christians don’t only have the ability to affect the atmosphere – we have the responsibility to change it, said Bill Johnson.

The senior pastor of Bethel Church, speaking at the second day (15 March) of Kingdom Invasion 2017, told the audience at the Singapore Expo: “We were designed to manifest the presence of God on earth.”

“If you don’t discern the presence (of God), you will be reduced to principles. People study real money, not counterfeit money, to be able to tell what is real.”

He went on to share about how a simple act of kindness and service can actually turn out be access points to encounters with God.

“God doesn’t just touch people on a surface level – God heals on so many different dimensions… We owe people an encounter with God.”

He shared with the congregation that as Christians, we not only have the ability to affect, but we can also change the atmosphere.

“The strongholds of people’s lives are in the thought realm. The presence of the Lord removes people from a place of their own deceptive influences and helps them to think clearly for the first time in their lives. There is no lack in your soul in His presence.”

He went on to give the example of Moses and the burning bush, saying while God might appear to be ignoring Moses’ question of “who am I?” (Exodus 3:11-12) by only answering him with “I will be with you”, but He could actually be saying: “Who are you, Moses? You’re the man I’d like to be with”. God promised His presence before Moses could even wrap his head around the entire situation.

“We don’t just live carelessly; we need to live with ambition.” Bill urged that we become architects and designers of culture who live with intentionality so that we can shape the value system of our nations.

“When you walk in the room, the odds change: we carry the presence of a Person who has manifested for who He is. We are here to give language for what the lost are aching for.”

Amidst this, he encouraged the congregation to first set their face on God.

“He watches over the watch of those who watch over the Lord.”

Kingdom Invasion 2017 will run until Friday at Singapore Expo Hall 1. Night sessions starting from 6pm are free, subjected to availability of seats. For more details, visit