“How many of you have been to church, but the healing thing has been a bit weird for you?”

That was the question that evangelist Todd White began with on the third day of the FOPx GO Conference.

The founder of Lifestyle Christianity and the School of Power and Love went on to share about the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in our faith and the miracles he has encountered (with some as recent as the night before during dinner when God healed a woman through him).

Known for his boldness in evangelism and healing, White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years, but the turning point came when God spoke to him after being shot by a drug dealer. 

He shared: “When I stepped into a relationship with Jesus, I gave myself to God as a follower. I gave myself to God through the agency of the Holy Spirit.”

“Jesus didn’t pay the price for you to know the Father and the Holy Bible only. He paid the price for the Holy Bible to be revealed by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we’re afraid of the Holy Spirit because it’s just not comfortable,” said White.

He challenged the youths: “When you say yes, and you ask Jesus to come and possess your life, it’s the sold-out life. It’s where the fear of man exits your life, and the fear of God enters your life.

“You won’t ride on your parents’ faith or your youth pastor’s faith. You won’t ride on a worship song. You need to be completely sold out, dedicated and in love with Jesus. Invite Him in, give Him this life.

“Being born again is essential to unlocking your potential. You don’t want the life you have. You want the life He paid the price to give you.

“Jesus didn’t pay the price for us to be a bunch of religious people. He paid the price so that we could be in a relationship with Him, hearing His heartbeat.”


While most speakers give salvation calls at the end of their sermons, White couldn’t resist sharing the Gospel and what God had done for him midway through his sharing: “When I got saved, God hit my heart.”

“It was like he put a Holy Ghost defibrillator on my heart,” said White with a beaming smile on his face.

“It hit me. When I came up, I had this encounter with Jesus. I knew that God forgave me. He didn’t just forgive me a little bit. What Jesus says is that when you repent, He takes your sin and removes it as far as the east is from the west.

Todd White at FOPx Conference 2019

“The world is a circle. If you go east, you never hit west. God throws your sin into a sea that He calls forgetfulness. Unless this happens, you still have guilt and shame. The only way to be free is to give Him your life.”

White then led dozens of respondents in the crowd in prayer: “Jesus, right now, I put my faith in You. I believe that You were crucified for my sins, and that You were raised from the dead for me to have life.

“Today, I freely surrender my whole life to You and I’m asking You to come and possess this life and use it for Your glory. Today, I am born again. Amen.”


White also touched on the necessity for a supernatural nature in a Christian’s life: “Jesus turned the whole world upside down. Everywhere He went, everyone was healed. Demons knew who Jesus was. ‘What have you to do with us?’ they would cry.”

“It should be that way when we walk into the room,” rang White’s challenge to the young crowd.

He emphasised just how important the Holy Spirit is by looking at the book of John, where Jesus said he would not leave the disciples as orphans after his death on the Cross, but send them the Holy Spirit.

It is through this same reliance on the Holy Spirit that White goes about his ministry. “The Holy Spirit is the one who does the work. I can pray for the sick, but if the Holy Spirit does not heal then nothing changes.”

White shared that he had a burning desire to pray for all the conference attendees right then: “I want you to have the Holy Ghost and fire. If you were burning, would you care what anybody thought about you? I want to see you all get so rocked by the Holy Spirit that you can’t live for you anymore.

“I want to see miracles in your life. The blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dead are raised – I want to see miracles every day!”

White also talked about breaking down the divide between the sacred and secular. His call to action was to bring Jesus into whatever we do.

“If you’re a teacher, bring Jesus into what you do. He’s the best teacher ever! If you’re a lawyer, bring Jesus into what you do. He’s the best lawyer ever,” he affirmed.

White then asked how many skaters there were in the audience, and a few hands shot up.

“If you’re a skater, bring Jesus. They might laugh at you, but when they get hurt and you pray for them and they get healed – they won’t be laughing anymore. They’ll ask you: “Dude, what’s the deal?

“Jesus is my everything. Everything I do is unto the Lord.”

White reminded the audience that whenever we practise faith, the enemy will try to make us fear.

“What if God doesn’t heal?” White pondered aloud. Then he continued with another question: “But what if He does?”

“Faith is spelled RISK,” quipped White. “You need to turn it up! The more you turn it up, the more God shows up. He wants to use you to touch the world!”

With all this talk of miracles in the air, White was quick to bring attendees back to the ground: “A miracle is a hook to bring you into relationship. They’re not for you to show off. They’re not trophies. The miraculous is a tool God uses to bring people into heaven when they realise He’s the living God.

“When you get to walk in power, receive a word of knowledge or cast something out – bring Jesus in. He paid the price, you just delivered the package.”

This message on the miraculous mirrored closely the one he gave a year ago in School of Power and Love 2018 – it’s not about us. It’s all about God and His goodness. And the miracles are for salvations.

White concluded: “It’s all about God’s goodness. The goodness of God leads people to repentance.”

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