It’s always a little more painful when we learn that a young child has contracted an illness as deadly as COVID-19. 

For instance, news came in just last night (May 21) that there were 30 new community COVID-19 cases in Singapore, including a 1-year-old baby and two 11-year-old students. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to intercede and pray for our young ones; for those who are vulnerable and affected

And that’s exactly what a group of fathers at Catholic High School (CHS) have done, coming together to support and pray for all the Primary 2 boys who have to be quarantined.

[email protected], a group of Catholic and Christian fathers whose sons are studying in Catholic High School also posted a really wholesome collage on their Facebook page last night. 

In a montage of pictures made up of students in class “2 Kindness”, each boy can be seen holding up placards that together formed a message of support for the students and parents currently in quarantine.

Put together, it reads,

“Stay home. Stay safe. Let’s do this together. We can stop the spread so it ends sooner. Be safe. Be happy. Love, 2 Kindness. 2021.”

The picture features hand-drawn hearts with plenty of smiles all around that show the warmth the boys have for one another.

“Our brave Gentlemen of 2 Kindness. Even in quarantine, they stand in solidarity with CHS in fighting COVID,” read the montage’s caption. “We are all behind you 2 Kindness. Wish you well and stay cheerful. 加油!!”

What a wonderful message and show of support in these difficult times.

We can only applaud this wonderful gesture by the Catholic and Christian dads at CHS, and say that we are fully behind the brave boys of 2 Kindness. 

From all of us at, we’re behind you guys and are praying with you! Be well! ❤️

  1. Who do you know who’s going through a difficult time because of COVID-19?
  2. What is one practical way you can support him or her? 
  3. This week, do just that. Be a blessing and share God’s love with those who need it!