Lohei (or yusheng) is an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore. Every element of the yusheng is symbolic as it’s accompanied with an auspicious phrase to usher in good fortune for the year.

Instead of scrambling to memorise Chinese idioms to shout (because you don’t know any off the top of your head) or reciting Bible verses (to Christian-ify the process), try listening to this playlist – curated to remind us of God’s promises and blessings – as you prepare to toss to a good year ahead 🙂

1. This Is Living – Hillsong Young and Free

Being the most expensive ingredient in yusheng, fish slices represent abundance and excess for the new year (年年有馀, very punny). Remember the moment when we really experienced for ourselves what Jesus meant when he said he came to give us life to the full (John 10:10)? That completeness of joy, satisfaction and meaning of life? Nothing can wholly satisfy us besides him. That is living. Here’s to experiencing this abundant life as we remain in Him in the year ahead.

2. Blessings – Laura Story

Pomelo symbolises blessings (大吉大利) and what song is more appropriate than the one literally named “Blessings”? This song is a great reminder that favour does not necessarily come in the form we expect it to. But we can trust our loving Father to give us what is best for us. Bring it on, 2017!

3. Crowns – Hillsong

Drizzling pepper, cinnamon powder and finely milled peanuts are meant to invite wealth and prosperity (招财进宝). While the world typically refers wealth to monetary sense, Jesus likens it to the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 13:44-45) – so precious that the man who discovers it gladly loses his other valuables in order to possess it. We may not have a fat bank account even after collecting all our angpow,but we sure are rich in Christ. Our greatest wealth is indeed in the Cross. 

4. Chosen Generation – Chris Tomlin

Technically, oil in yusheng doesn’t represent anointing (财原广进), but that’s what oil is associated with in the Bible. Though we don’t smear ourselves with oil nowadays, or have it flowing down our beard (Psalm 133:2 – kinda gross), all believers are anointed as we have been set apart by God so that we can direct others into His light (1 Peter 2:9). What a privilege this is.

5. Honey – King’s Choir

Plum sauce is added in hopes of having sweet and pleasing relationships with people (甜甜蜜蜜). And what relationship can be sweeter than the one we have with Jesus, who so dearly lavishes his love and delights in cherishing us, even after knowing the deepest recesses of our hearts?

6. Build Your Kingdom Here – Rend Collective

The tastiest part of yusheng, golden crackers are meant to signify overflowing gold (遍地黄金). However, doesn’t the way the biscuits are scattered remind you of the many believers out there? We may be spread all over the world but we are united in our worship of the one true God. And we believe that there are more believers to come. So build your kingdom here, Lord!

I can say with certainty that 2017 – and every year to follow – will be a blessed year even before we toss to the New Year. Not because of the actual circumstances, which are so often unpredictable, but because of the unchanging name we put our trust in: Jesus. I hope the same conviction is ignited in you after listening to the songs.