These words of the angel of the Lord form the greatest news in the history of all creation, in which we also find four remarkable statements for reflection.

He is not here. Jesus was not in the tomb. Nothing, not even the grave, could contain Him. The resurrected Saviour can be wherever and whenever He wants because He is omnipresent.

He has risen. Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Having power even over death, Jesus can do all things because He is omnipotent.

Just as he said. Jesus predicted He would do the impossible, and then He actually went and fulfilled the impossible. Who then could possibly have greater authority with his words and knowledge? No one but Jesus because He is omniscient. 

Come and see. Three simple words that clarify evangelism. Sharing the gospel isn’t that deep — it’s about a humble invitation to come and see what Jesus has done. To whom can you make this invitation?

As we look towards Resurrection Sunday, give praise to our all-powerful Saviour, Jesus Christ. Give glory to the risen King as we spread His renown and fame, far and wide.

Jesus saves!