Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong of Cornerstone Community Church had one message only for the 800 over youths gathered at the FOPx Conference taking place from November 23-25, 2017: Let the fire of God burn in you.

“Fire is self-advertising. There is something intriguing about it. Get yourself on fire for Jesus Christ and people will come watch you burn.

“God is a God of fire and a God on fire. Moses met God in the burning bush. Daniel’s three friends encountered God in the fiery furnace. Jeremiah calls the word of the Lord fire in his bones.”

“God wants to put a fire on every head the way He did at Pentecost.”

He reminded the crowd that each of us has the responsibility to keep the fire in us going, the same way the Levite priests were in charge of keeping the fire in the Tabernacle burning all day and night throughout the year.

“He lights the fire of revival in you, but you have to fan it and feed it – or it will die.

“If you keep the fire burning, the fire will keep you burning.”

Pastor Yang then quoted Methodist minister Samuel Chadwick: “The Church is powerless without the flame of the Holy Ghost. Destitute of fire, nothing else really counts. Possessed of fire, nothing else really matters. The one vital need is fire.”

He recounted his own experience at the altar as a young man, experiencing the electrical volt of the Holy Spirit that coursed through his body and brought him to his knees as he rededicated his life to Jesus.

“Fire consumes. Fire refines. When the Great Fire of London burned through the city, it killed the rats in the sewers that were carrying the Bubonic Plague that was killing thousands every year.

“Let the fire of God burn away the things that are killing you deep inside. He has come to refine us. Let the fire consume and purify you.”

FOPx will be taking place this week from Thursday to Saturday, November 23-25, 2017. It will be held at Trinity Christian Centre (Days 1 and 2) and Bethesda Cathedral (Day 3). Tickets are priced at $40 per person and you can get them here. Night sessions are free and open to all!

Speakers include Lou Engle (co-founder of TheCall), Ben Fitzgerald (Director of Godfest Ministries) and various local Senior Pastors.